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Join Our Worldwide Beach Cleanup On August 17th, 2019!

July 05, 2019 3 min read

Join Our Worldwide Beach Cleanup On August 17th, 2019!

Hey, all you fine, beach-loving citizens of the world! Don’t get lost in the eternal scroll of your Insta feed this summer. Join us for our annual event #TheBigClean2019 on Saturday, August 17, 2019, and use your selfies for a good cause. Clean your local beaches and amplify an important message about the waste in our waterways. Learn how to join us in our nation-wide beach clean-up event. 

What’s #TheBigClean2019? 

If just one person picks up a piece of plastic from the beach, it’s still great. That’s one less straw to get stuck up a turtle’s nose. But let’s face it. It’s not going to change the world. 

That’s because our waste is so prevalent that there will be more plastic in volume than fish in the ocean by 2050. Ninety-nine percent of all seabirds will have ingested plastic by that same year. Let’s take a stand against the trash that crowds our beaches and waterways this year. 

If everyone we know picks up a bag full of garbage off the beach, that’s going to make a dent in wildlife-harming pollution. That’s why we want to make a big push this year to get everyone we know involved in a beach clean up. We’re calling this #theBigClean2019 and we want it to be huge. Can you help us?  

How can I participate? 

To take part in the event, be sure tobuy a ticket for $3 on Eventbrite. Next, invite your friends. This is important. Spread the word and make it a social event. 

OnSaturday, August 17th, take your gloves and bags for cleanup to the nearest beach. If you don’t live near an ocean, no problem. #TheBigClean2019 is meant to raise awareness about cleaning up the coastlines of all of our nationwide waterways. This can be a lake, river stream or bay. 

Post what you find online. We want to see the big, bad and ugly of our coastal cleanup as well as your smiling faces. Take lots of photos on social media with the hashtag #TheBigClean2019. Tag us in your post: @grow.wild.nco. 

Don’t forget to take those after the cleanup shots to show us your total impact. Next, properly dispose of the litter at a proper site for trash pick-up.  
But wait, there’s one more thing. Be sure to follow the online event and support other participants by liking their posts, following them and commenting using the same hashtag. The size of this year’s beach cleanup really depends on you. Make it worthwhile and get your local community involved.

See ourFacebook page for more details. 

What’s the ticket for? 

All ticket sales will be donated toOcean Matters, a non-profit organization that supports youth science education by connecting young people with professional conservationists, scientists and marine biologists. 

We believe that education is the key to inspiring people to care about our oceans and marine life. By purchasing tickets for #TheBigClean2019, you can make an important impact.  

Partnering Brands

#TheBigClean2019 is sponsored by Grow.Wild.NCo, Grow Wild Oils, Strange Bikinis and Educated Earthling. 

  • Grow.Wild.NCo is a SIerra Nevada boutique collective that collectively works to Keep Tahoe Blue through charitable donations. 

  • Strange Bikinis creates the perfect bikinis to wear outdoors in unexpected situations and places. Get out and explore in this modern, athletic swimwear. 

  • Educated Earthling sells organic cotton tees and sweatshirts designed for vegan and eco-conscious people who care about improving the world. Educated Earthling uses its influence to build momentum through its active online community. 

Learn more about the event on ourFacebook Page.


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