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Sustainable Kitchen Products

Eco-friendly kitchen utensils let you go about your cooking and cleaning with a guilt-free conscience. Items like our woodendish brush are made of only three materials: stainless steel, bamboo and Tampico fibers. Using only a few materials, we're able to create a practical and Earth-friendly product. Plus, when the Tampico fibers give out on the head of this brush, you can easily order areplacement head!

Cleaning Products for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

You can pair our wooden dish brush with our non-toxic and plastic-freesolid dish soap. It lasts longer than traditional dish soap, does a great job scrubbing out grease and grime and also comes with a light citrus scent. You can also order a refill for its recyclable tin, which makes it one of our most sustainable cleaning products. For those food stains that are really tough to get, out we'd recommend another one of our sustainable kitchen utensils. Ourdish scrubber features tougher bristles for an easier time getting dried food and grease off of your dishes.

Eliminate Food Waste With Sustainable Kitchen Products

At The Earthling Co., know that reducing food waste in a sustainable kitchen is a big thing for many of our customers, which is why we developedreusable bowl covers to help keep leftovers and unused ingredients for later. These silicone lids are completely reusable and easily cleaned — they're also manufactured in the USA.

Sustainable products are not only good for the planet. They can help create a more efficient kitchen.