Low-Waste Pet Products

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The Earthling Co.’s products are not just for us humans. They're for our furry creatures and companions, too! At The Earthling Co., we offer sustainable pet products to protect the earth as well as pups, felines and more.

Like all of our products, pet care items are shipped plastic-free and wrapped in 100 percent compostable and recyclable packaging. But not only are The Earthling Co.’s pet products kind to the earth by reducing waste, but they offer consciously chosen ingredients, too. Pet shampoo bars use the same human-grade ingredients and processes as our regular soaps, meaning you're never putting harsh chemicals or perfume oils on your pet’s hair and skin. Instead, you’ll find plant-based formulas and gentle, deodorizing essential oil scents such as lavender, tea tree and Cedarwood–perfect for keeping your pets smelling fresh!

Protect your beloved dog or cat–or whatever furry companion you keep!–as well as the earth with The Earthling Co.’s sustainable pet products.
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