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4 Ways Your Shampoo is Ruining Your Hair.

If you suffer from frizz, breakage, dryness, thinning, or scalp conditions, it’s critical that you stop shampooing ASAP. This article may be the most important thing you’ve read in a while…

1. Most Shampoo & Conditioners Contain Harsh, Scalp-Irritating Ingredients

When you look at the ingredients of most shampoos, they likely contain SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s been a shampoo ingredient since the 1930s, and it works by trapping oil and dirt so it can be rinsed away.

The problem is, it’s very harsh on your hair and scalp.. It’s like using a firehose where only a trickle of water is needed. SLS scrubs and scrapes away every bit of oil and moisture from the scalp and hair…so it can then be coated with the phthalates and silicones from the conditioner.


SLS is one of the main reasons people develop scalp irritation like shedding, itching, dryness, flakes, and rashes. On top of SLS, shampoos also contain other sulfates with equally harsh, oil-stripping qualities.

Some people’s scalps react to the dryness and irritation by producing excess oil. So they constantly wash to get rid of the oil…only to cause more excess oil production! Other people suffer from dry, tight, irritated scalps that refuse to stay moisturized.

2. Harsh Chemicals Can Cause Thinning, Breakage, & Hair Loss

Artificial fragrances and colors may seem harmless, but they could also lead to hair loss. Part of the problem is that the word “fragrance” is a loophole that manufacturers use to hide the petroleum-derived, phthalate-ridden, irritating ingredients they used to create the scent.

Like Dimethicone which is supposed to soften hair. But it stops the flow of nutrients from getting to the hair and clogs pores, creating an environment where hair can’t grow well.

Ingredients like SLS, polyethylene glycols, sodium chloride, diethanolamine, and alcohols are all linked to breakage, thinning, and hair loss.

So that “hair thickening” shampoo you’re using? Not only is it unlikely to help, it could be contributing to thin, brittle hair.

3. Harsh Ingredients Can Ruin Hair Texture

You may turn to conditioner to improve your hair texture: light conditioner for limp hair, heavy conditioner to fight frizz, or “mending” conditioner for color treated or damaged hair. But once again, the toxic ingredients in traditional shampoos and conditioners may be the cause of hair texture problems.

It starts with harsh shampoos. They strip the hair and damage the scalp, which causes an imbalance in oil production.

Conditioner uses silicones and paraffin wax to create a film around the hair cuticle, so the hair is weighed down and moisture can’t enter. So you’re left with hair that’s both dry AND limp.

Drying alcohols can cause the same problem. They’re added to decrease dry time, but they dry out hair follicles and cause limp, brittle hair.

No hair type is safe from these texture-disrupting ingredients. They’re responsible for frizz, flyaways, limpness, lack of body, and more. All these texture problems just create a need for styling products, which proves that…

4. Big Haircare is Selling You False Promises

Everyone has different hair needs, but some hair care companies may lead you to believe that you need personalized formulations for all of your individual concerns, which isn’t really necessary.

Instead, you should look for shampoo and conditioners that work on balancing your hair and scalp environment and promoting overall health and protection, rather than short-term quick fixes. In fact, cosmetic chemists claim there are only 4 different main shampoo “formulations” on the market. If that’s the case, then why are there over 100 options on the shelf to choose from that lead to further confusion and uncertainty?

Ultimately, big haircare wants you to believe you need MORE products in your routine, when really you don’t need more products – you just need formulations optimized for overall hair and scalp health. All those bottles teetering in the shower may be unnecessary or ineffective, making you waste money, waste time, and waste space.

How to ditch the bad ingredients, improve scalp health, & get clean, shiny, healthy hair…

Some shampoos are marketed to look healthier and better for you than they really are.

Oftentimes they still contain SLS, formaldehyde, parabens, dimethicone, alcohol, artificial colors and fragrances – the list goes on. This can even be true of products sold in the health food store, your local co-op, or websites promoting healthier shampoo and conditioner alternatives.

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