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5 Reasons Why These Conditioner Bars Are Perfect for Everyone

We made the perfect Conditioner Bars... Our Conditioner Bars are detangling, conditioning, and moisturizing. They have a powerful, yet lightweight moisturizer to not weigh your hair down and can even be used as a leave-in conditioner.

1. Great for all hair types

Our bars are great for aging hair with a formula that offers gentle cleansing, moisturizing and protective ingredients. All our ingredients are naturally sourced. The bars contain Panthenol (AKA Vitamin B5) and Glycerin, which restores shine and luster in dull hair while improving hair strength all while reducing hair breakage and strengthening hair by keeping it hydrated and healthy.

2. Long Lasting and Versatile

The Conditioner Bars last up to 6 months and is lightweight enough to be it can be used as a leave-in conditioner. This cuts out an extra product in your routine and reduces frizz! Easily wet comb hair when using the bar. Makes hair feel silky smooth in the shower and allows you to easily detangle.

3. Improves Softness / Volume - Doesn’t Weigh Your Roots Down

Your hair will be SOFT. Our bars improve the softness of your hair with moisturizing formulas that contain Panthenol and Jojoba Oil. Both of these lock in moisture, produce hair fibers, and add shine.

4. All Natural, No Allergens, Plastic Free

Not only is the Conditioner Bar plastic-free but it's also shipped in 100% compostable packaging. Our Conditioner Bar has everything you want and none of the bad stuff (it doesn't have SLS, parabens, or any harsh, stripping ingredients) you try to avoid in your hair care routine.

5. People Absolutely Love Our Conditioner Bar

The Conditioner Bar has over 6,000+ 5 star reviews and has been featured in multiple publications like InStyle, Elle, and Vogue.

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