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Say GOODBYE to Frizz Forever With a Shampoo Bar — Yes, Really.

All hair types rave: shampoo bars from Earthling Co. give them their “softest, healthiest” hair yet — zero frizz involved.

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30-day money back guarantee

Free shipping on $55+

Lasts 50-75 Washes

100% Compostable Packaging

Perfect For All Hair Types (Seriously)

Free from: Cruelty, SLS, Parabens & Silicones

Get Hair So Healthy, You’ll Cut Your Routine In Half.

It’s true: Earthlings rave that they’ve actually replaced their “salon-quality” and “high-end” routines with our bars.

Skip the extra steps, and:

  • Achieve gorgeously healthy hair

  • Save serious money (1 bar replaces 2-3 bottles)

  • Be a plastic-free hero!  

Meet Our Heavy-Lifter Hero Ingredients  

AKA what makes our shampoo bar universally beloved

Choose From Seven 100% Natural Scents 

Cool Breeze

Fresh, herbal & woodsy

Wild Vanilla

Sweet, earthy & floral

Money Back Guarantee

Get your best hair yet, or your money back. You get up to 30 days to decide totally risk-free!

Plus, all bars are currently 15% off!

Sweet Sandalwood

Warm & woody amber

Citrus Sun

Tart & juicy citrus

Simple Fresh

Fresh & bittersweet mint

Vanilla Coconut

Tropical & fruity vanilla

Family-Created in

Our mission is to create eco-friendly products we love to use — so we know you will too. Because when plastic-free meets salon-quality results, sustainability = a no-brainer.


Fragrance free

Eco-Friendly Meets Truly Effective

No plastic bottles = no watered-down shampoo! Concentrated but gentle enough to nourish all hair types, just one shampoo bar replaces 2-3 bottles of shampoo.

That’s up to 75 washes & a lot of saved $$. 

$13.60 $15.99

30-day money back guarantee

Free shipping on $55+

But Will A Shampoo Bar Really Work For Me? Short Answer: Yes!

We’ve cracked the code to deeply cleansing, hydrating & balancing all hair types: from coarse and curly to fine and color-treated.

Unlike most bar shampoos, our formula lathers up instantly and feels like regular shampoo, so you get that deep, nourishing clean you love: powered by natural moisturizers and vitamins — not harsh sodium sulfates.

No overdrying, no weigh-down. Just clean, healthy, shiny hair (that’s healthy for the planet, too!).

See Why Earthlings Are Saying “This Stuff Is GOLD”

Upgrade Your Hair & The Planet In 3 Simple Steps


Lather your shampoo bar in your hands


Work it into your hair


Rinse (& revel in your luxuriously clean hair)

Are You Ready For Strong, Shiny, Nourished Hair — All In A Single Bar?

Join over 300,000+ Earthlings who are loving their:

  • Softer hair

  • Healthier scalp

  • Bounce & shine 

30-day money back guarantee

Free shipping on $55+

Any Questions? Let’s Rinse Those Away.