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Break Up With Harsh Detergents & Reveal Shiny, Bouncy, Healthy Hair

Ditch the stripping sulfates for a rich-lathering routine that nourishes your hair even better than salon-quality products.

Try risk-free for 30 days!

Up to 75 washes per bar

Each bar replaces 2-3 bottles

Certified 100% natural fragrances

Made in the USA

Find Your Favorite 100% Natural Scent

Get Hair So Healthy, You’ll Cut Your Routine In Half.

Shampoo & Conditioner Set

4.9/5 from 1407 reviews

Our universal formula:
✔ Adds shine & bounce to ALL hair types
✔ Hydrates without weighing-down
✔ Deeply cleanses without sodium sulfates 

Choose your scent:


15% off auto-applied at checkout!

But Will These Bars Really Work For Me? Short Answer: Yes!

Our truly universal formula means gorgeous results for:

color-treated & fine hair

coarse & thick hair

curly hair

gray hair

and every other hair type. Really!

Unlike most bar shampoos, our formula lathers up instantly and feels like regular shampoo. Plus: our conditioner bars contain Coconut, Almond, and Jojoba oils to deeply moisturize hair without weighing it down.

See Why 14000+ Former Skeptics Are Calling The Earthling Co. Hair Care An “11/10”

Just 6 Simple Steps To The Best Hair Of Your Life

So...Do I Really Need The Full Set?

We get it: changing your full routine can be intimidating. But Earthlings that try the complete set say they’ll “never go back” to their old shampoo or conditioner. Here’s why:

  • Optimal hair health: They’re specially formulated to work together (shine, bounce & hydration!)

  • Maximum convenience: Both bars last ~75 washes so you won’t be scrambling to refill a different shampoo or conditioner

  • Spa-like shower: The matching all-natural scents create a luxurious experience

It’s Time To Ditch Your “Customized” Hair Care Subscription For Something Way More Affordable & Effective

(FYI there’s only 0.001% of that “custom” ingredient in there anyways…)

Any Questions? Let’s Rinse Those Away.

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