Apple Berry and Lush Pine Complete Set


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Grab a complete set of our limited edition Apple Berry and Lush Pine shampoo and conditioner bars. These lovely winter scents are only here for a brief time, and once we sell out we won't be producing any more!

This set includes:

  • One Apple Berry Shampoo Bar
  • One Apple Berry Conditioner Bar
  • One Lush Pine Shampoo Bar
  • One Lush Pine Conditioner Bar

Apple Berry is a juicy, sparkling cocktail of cranberry and apple, with subtle wintry undertones. Fruit-forward, bright, and festive!

Lush Pine is a sweet synthesis of pine resin, fir balsam, and cedarleaf, with mellow undertones of vetiver and vanilla. Warm, folksy, and luscious.

Wooden Soap Dishes are sold separately!

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