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Reusable Straws


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      • Americans use 500 million drinking straws a day, and then throw them out. Help us beat the plastic pollution with our new steel reusable straw set! This set is perfect for drinking on the go, use it for your iced coffees, smoothies, mixed drinks, and more!

        This set is practical, convenient and comes in a lightweight, 100% natural cotton pouch so you can take them anywhere. If you don't like the feeling of having metal between your teeth, use our silicone toppers to soften your straw's tip!

        Our straw set comes with: 1 cotton carry pouch, 1 straight steel straw, 1 bent steel straw, 2 silicone straw toppers, 1 straw cleaner.

        1. Highly Durable
        2. Materials: Stainless steel, silicone & natural cotton
        3. Same size as a traditional straws
        4. Ethically Made, Imported
        5. 10% of Profits Donated to Environmental Conservation
        6. End of Life: Compost the cotton pouch. Recycle the metal straws, and cleaning brush. We would recommend removing the bristles from your cleaning brush before recycling. Silicone recycling is not widely accepted curbside - try to find municipal silicone recycling centers in your area or burn the toppers and compost the ashes. Silicone is non-toxic unlike plastic and doesn't emit harmful fumes if burned.

join the movement, earthling!

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