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Cotton Mesh Produce Bags - 3 Pack


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      • Take the plastic out of grocery shopping with our organic cotton mesh produce bags! These bags are a necessity for a weekly zero-waste grocery trip. The fabric is mesh, so your fruits and veggies can breathe. Each bag has a drawstring so you can protect your produce. Comes in three different sizes, for all types of produce.

        1. Three sizes: 8x10", 10x12", 12x15"
        2. Materials: 100% Organic, Natural Cotton w/ Wooden Bead
        3. Reusable, biodegradable, organic and sustainable
        4. 10% of Profits Donated to Environmental Conservation
        5. Care Instructions: Machine washable, cold. Hang to dry to prevent shrinkage & help the planet.
        6. End of Life: The bag is 100% compostable at home. Remove logo tag and recycle with textile recycling.

join the movement, earthling!

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