The Beginning of Educated Earthling

October 04, 2017 2 min read

The Beginning of Educated Earthling

Hello. Ciao. Bonjour. Hola!

My name is Emelia, and I am the creator of Educated Earthling - your online shop that advocates for all things mother nature.

A lot has happened within the past few years that led me to create this online shop, so let me try and summarize it all for you...

Within the past 5 years, a lot has shaped the way I view the world & act in it. I grew up in a small Mountain town in Northeast Pennsylvania, where wildlife, kayaking and hiking were our main sources of fun. I was fortunate enough to attend a fantastic university (Go PITT) with a diverse student population, where I was able to expand my subject knowledge, empathy, and people skills. I also made some of my best friends in the world there, who helped re-shape my love for adventure, animals, hiking, and the great outdoors. I saved up my money to travel abroad to Florence, Italy, where (again) I met people from all types of backgrounds and grew a HUGE affinity for traveling and different cultures. In one way or another, these experiences all allowed me to learn more about our beautiful planet and the amazing people on it, however, it also led me to learn about how we are destroying it slowly every day.

Since that time, I've realized the massive impact that some sort of simple education has on the way we go about our daily lives. For instance, I am a firm believer that a lot of people just do not KNOW that the things they do play a massive role in our planet's destruction, because it's just habit. I think that MORE people would be vegetarian/vegan if they knew what the animal agriculture industry does to the animals there. I think MORE people would express compassion & kindness, if they only knew how much happier it would make other people as well as themselves...

This is the main reason why I’m creating Educated Earthling – I need all of YOU earthlings to help me on my quest to progress this planet. We can’t do it alone. Your diverse educations, upbringings and passions can seriously shed some light on the little things us humans do every day that hurt mother nature.

I want to provide our EE community with products that serve as a peaceful medium to promote the issues you care about. I want to provide our community (and beyond) the education & content necessary to help you change the way they go about their lives.

Little changes can go a long way, especially if we're doing them together :).

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, please reach out to us at

Happy Trails!


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