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Bundles and Value Sets

Bundles and Value Sets

If you want to improve your hair and skin while reducing your impact and living a low-waste lifestyle, the bundles and value sets we create here at The Earthling Co. are perfect for you. Our approach to sustainability involves creating environmentally friendly products in plastic-free packaging, virtually eliminating any negative environmental impact. We carry many bundles and value sets to meet your hair and skin care needs.

Hair Care Sets

Our hair care sets are made from concentrated, plant-based ingredients packaged in compostable materials. Our solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars have kept nearly a million plastic bottles out of landfills over the years. Our hair care sets are mild enough for sensitive scalps, include natural oils and vitamins to help strengthen your hair, and come in soothing scents like citrus, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Skincare Sets

Take care of your skin in a natural, holistic way with our skincare sets. Manufacturing techniques and ingredients that can cause harm have been eliminated from our processes, ensuring you get the highest quality products made to exacting standards. 

Other Body Care Sets

We also carry other body care sets of low-waste plant-based body care products. These sets have products that do not contain perfume oils or harsh ingredients that will dry out or damage your skin. These sets will help you create a sustainable self-care routine that you can follow for years.

Try Out One of Our Bundles or Value Sets Today!

The processes used by our climate-neutral business to create our earth-friendly products are very important to us. We take pride in reducing the shipping weight as much as possible by minimizing the amount of packaging for each product. All packaging is sustainable and can be recycled or composted. Browse our products to find the perfect fit for you!