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Dish Scrubber

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      • This eco-conscious Dish Scrubber is your next favorite kitchen staple. Composed of untreated German beechwood and firm Mexican Tampico bristles, this scrubber is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and remove any and all tough residues. When you're done using it, rinse and let your scrubber air dry (you'll be amazed at how quickly it dries!) Although most Earthlings use the Dish Scrubber in the kitchen, it can also be used to clean any other tough surfaces around the house.

        The Dish Scrubber pairs great with the Solid Dish Soap!

        The Dish Scrubber also has a taller companion, the Dish Brush, which has a longer handle and softer bristles.

        1. Materials: untreated German Beechwood & Mexican Tampico Fiber Bristles
        2. Comes package-free. This product is 100% backyard compostable.
        3. Approx. 3.15" height
        4. Care Instructions: Not suitable for dishwasher. Wash with soap and water and let air dry. We recommend letting the scrubber air dry in between use to minimize cracking; however, some slight cracking is normal when wood is exposed to water.