Conditioner Bars


We have a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

        • Our conditioner bars contain plant-based ingredients, are super concentrated and manufactured in the USA with plastic-free packaging! All of our bars are scented with natural oils and boast nutritious vitamins for your hair! They apply well and leave your strands silky smooooth. These bars are perfect for any shower, and travel well.

          How to use: we recommend almost "painting" the bar on your hair, starting at your ends. You will feel the conditioner apply when your ends feel soft and moisturized, like with regular conditioner. Once applied to the ends, we recommend working your way up to your scalp. You can even add a little extra to your hair when you get out of the shower as a leave-in treatment.

          In order to prolong the life of your bars, we recommend using one of our soap dishes or our sisal soap saver bag.

          Pair your conditioner bar with one of our shampoo bars!

          PLEASE NOTE: Our products can melt in very hot temperatures. Please watch your tracking information and try to grab your shipment from your mailbox as soon as you can.

          1. No SLS, fillers, or silicones
          2. Manufactured in the USA
          3. Good for ALL hair types
          4. Last for approximately 50-75+ washes (2-6+ months)
          5. Sizes range: 1.4oz - 2 oz.
          6. Dimensions: 2in. diameter x 0.75in. tall
          7. Meets TSA size requirements
          8. 100% compostable/recyclable packaging
          9. We donate 1% of our sales through 1% for the Planet
          10. Our "New Formula" is made without wheat germ oil (gluten).
          11. End of life: The bar can be used until nothing is left. The packaging can be recycled or composted.
        • PLEASE NOTE: Our natural fragrances slightly differ between our Original & "New Formula" Bars. Please read the descriptions for the specific bar you are interested in to fully understand the scent.

          Our "Original" Bars:

          Simple Fresh is a bittersweet, peppermint scent.

          Citrus Sun is a sweet and fruity blend of Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Vanilla & Coconut.

          Sweet Sandalwood is a sweet & earthy combination of sandalwood, lavender and peppermint.

          Cool Breeze boasts a sexy & strong scent, mostly dominated by sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla and lavender. 

          Wild Vanilla is a combination of exotic lavender & vanilla. 

          Vanilla Coconut is a tropical, beachy scent with the perfect combination of vanilla and coconut.

          Unscented is a fragrance-free bar. Please note: No additional fragrance has been added to these bars, but you may smell slight hints of the butters and oils used to hold the bars together.

          Our "New Formula" Bars:

          Simple Fresh is a fresh & bittersweet cornmint scent. 

          Citrus Sun is a tart, fruity citrus blend. A smidge more "citrusy" than our "original" bars. 

          Sweet Sandalwood is a warm, woody, amber type. Sexy & earthy. More earthy than our "original" bars with minor floral and patchouli notes.

          Cool Breeze boasts a herbal citrus and woodsy scent. Refreshing. More mild & herbal than our "original" bar.

          Wild Vanilla is a herbaceous, sweet and earthy floral blend. More mild & earthy than our "original" bars

          Vanilla Coconut is a tropical, fruity vanilla scent. Vibrant and delicious. A little less coconut than our "original" bars, but more earthy & mild.

          Unscented is a fragrance-free bar. Please note: No additional fragrance has been added to these bars, but you may smell slight hints of the butters and oils used to hold the bars together.

        • Our "Original" Bar Ingredients:

          Original Ingredients (1.4 oz): behentrimonium methosulfate (rapeseed oil), cocoa butter, coconut oil, glycerin, olive oil, natural fragrance (plant-based), jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, mica

          *Our Unscented Bar is entirely fragrance-free

          Our "New Formula" Bar Ingredients:

          "New Formula" Ingredients (2 oz.): behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, organic cocoa butter, cetyl alcohol, organic coconut oil, natural fragrance (plant-based), glycerin, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, dl-panthenol, vitamin E, mica

          (Made without Wheat Germ Oil)

          *Our Unscented bar is entirely fragrance-free
          **Our "Sulfate-free" Simple Fresh bar uses Cornmint Oil (Mentha Arvensis) instead of all-natural fragrance

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