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Bamboo Comb


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      • Our kind-to-the-earth Bamboo Combs, are extremely lightweight, 100% bamboo, and don't create pesky static in your strands! Bamboo combs distribute your hairs natural oils better than plastic, and detangles your hair without pulling. A great gift for a fellow earthling or maybe just to treat yourself. As an added bonus, this product comes package-free and can be composted in your backyard at the end of its life!

        Make your comb's life a little easier, and prep your hair using our all-natural Conditioner Bars!

        1. Good for ALL hair types
        2. Does not create static
        3. Dimensions: 4.7"x 2.1"
        4. Lightweight; Travel-friendly
        5. 100% Natural Bamboo
        6. Comes package-free
        7. 10% of Profits Donated to Environmental Conservation
        8. Care Instructions: Let brush fully dry if wet to prolong life and prevent cracking.
        9. End of Life: Product is 100% home compostable.

join the movement, earthling!

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