Wooden Soap Dish


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      • Stop your sudsy products from dissolving in a puddle of water on counters and shower ledges! Our Wooden Soap Dish is the ideal solution for storing shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and soap bars. It features four smooth triangular grooves to help water drain away so that bars can dry quickly with air circulation on all sides. Made of 100% untreated wood, it adds a lovely natural aesthetic to your bathroom or kitchen countertop.

        Choose from a 4” dish (made of beechwood) and an 8” dish (made of poplar). We are in the midst of transitioning both dishes to poplar. While both beech and poplar are fast-growing hardwoods, we are excited to switch to poplar because it is slightly lighter and therefore has a lower carbon footprint for shipping both upstream and downstream. Learn more about the switch here.

        A note on poplar’s color variation: Poplar wood’s natural color varies from white to cream to light green. Our Wooden Soap Dishes are untreated, so the wood’s natural color will shine as its aesthetic character. No two dishes are exactly the same, so yours will be unique to you!

        4” Wooden Soap Dish (beechwood):
        1. Materials: untreated beechwood; sustainably grown and harvested in the USA
        2. Dimensions: l 4” x w 2.75” x h 0.75”

8” Wooden Soap Dish (poplar):

        1. Materials: untreated poplar wood; sustainably grown and harvested in the USA
        2. Dimensions: l 8” x w 2.75” x h 0.75”

Comes package-free.

        Care Instructions: Use dish for two weeks. If any shampoo, conditioner, or soap has accumulated in the grooves, wipe clean with a wet cloth or damp sponge. Allow to air dry fully before putting it back to use. If you have a second soap dish, we recommend switching between them to prolong the life of both dishes, and prevent mildew and mold from accumulating.

        End of Life: 100% home compostable

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