Yes - we strive to ONLY use plant-based materials in our products, and are working on adding more Organic options as well as more eco-friendly sweatshirt/outerwear options!

Again, YES. Since we are a store that loves our planet, we are trying as hard as possible to minimize waste & promote sustainable practices! Inks used on the majority of our clothing are water-based. They are compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act & are Oeko-Tex™ certified, which means that they are safe to print on children's clothing & reduce environmental waste. Meeting this standard ensures that our textile practices are socially and ethically responsible, from the beginning of the raw material harvesting phase to the completion of the end product.

YES - All of our products are sweatshop free. We only support WRAP certified suppliers. WRAP certification (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is a globally recognized, third-party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane & lawful conditions in manufacturing facilities.

Absolutely not. We take pride in the fact that we are a company that embodies SLOW Fashion. We do not only create items that only stay in "style" for a month, and we don't create items with any "planned obsolescence". Our production practices are extremely lean to minimize waste. Not only that, but our items are made (printed) to order. We never trash unwanted or unused items, and donate them to charity instead!


Yes! We ship all of our items in paper mailers (or cardboard boxes). Our mailers are made out of 100% recycled materials. These can be composted or recycled. There is no plastic involved in our shipping process.


Please be wary of washing and drying on a high setting, especially when the garment is 100% cotton, like most of ours. High-temperature washes can fade and crack the print, and high-temperature dryer settings can shrink the garment, as well as damage the print. Plus, skipping on the dryer helps the environment!

In order for you to prolong the life of your shirt, we suggest machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners. Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life. Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration. Do not dry clean.


Once your item has been fulfilled and a label has been created for your item, you will receive tracking information.

It might take 2-5 days for your tracking information to update once we have a label created. This is because of the post office, and we are working on improving this lead time. If your item is stuck in pre-shipment for more than 7 business days, please contact us so we can resolve this issue for you.

If you didn't check out with an email address, you may not receive your tracking number. Reach out to us at info@educatedearthling.com if you did not receive any tracking data.

YES - we do. The only countries we can not ship to at the moment are Cuba, North Korea & Iran, due to our manufacturer. We are hoping to deliver to these locations soon!

Please be aware that we are shipping everything from our manufacturing site & warehouse in Reno, Nevada and the customer is required to pay all duties & customs. 

Yes, currently our customers are required to pay customs and duties. Most of our international orders will be delivered straight to your door but some will require the customer to pick up their order at their local post office. 

It takes 3-7 business days to fulfill an order on average. Shipping times are anywhere from 3-20 business days depending on your location.

For domestic orders, expect your item to be with you within two weeks. For international orders, delivery can range anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

If a package gets returned to our warehouse because of an incorrect address or no forwarding address the customer will be responsible for paying for the second shipment. An invoice will be issued to the customer via email for the new shipping costs.


Details of our return policy can be found here. Items need to be in their original condition (never washed or worn) in order to be returned. Please note we can't accept returns or exchanges for any of our zero waste items. 

If your item is in its original condition and has never been washed or worn, you are certainly able to exchange your item for a different size. 

First, please email us at info@educatedearthling.com if you need to make an exchange. You will have to front the shipping cost back to our warehouse, although we will cover the shipping cost of your new item. 

Shampoo/ Conditioner Bars

Yes, these bars are completely Vegan/Cruelty Free. They are also eco-friendly, ethically sourced & handmade in the USA.

The Regular shampoo bar is 2.4 oz

The Large shampoo bar is 3.0 oz

The conditioner bar is 1.7 oz

The Sodium Coco Sulfate is a mild cleanser and what makes the bars lather. Along the way, sulfates got a bad reputation for being unsafe. SCS is completely made from the fatty acid of coconuts (a renewable resource), not petroleum like SLS's. 

SCS has been deemed a safe ingredient by many environmental, cosmetic, and health watchdog groups. The molecules in SCS are large and cannot penetrate through the skin barrier, while SLS molecules are small and can get into your bloodstream. Once the lather is rinsed from your hair, the SCS goes right down the drain.

After intensive research, we have determined that SCS is the best for human health, clean and naturally shiny hair.

Yes, these bars are 100% palm oil free.

Our glycerin is a byproduct of our soap making. It is a combination of coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, castor oil & rice bran oil. Ours is mostly coconut oil based.

Yes, these bars are pH balanced with a pH of 7.0-7.2

Technique #1: Use The Bar Directly On Your Hair

- Gently rub wet the bar directly onto your hair from scalp to ends in a combing motion. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse completely.

Technique #2: Create The Lather in Your Hands

- Rub the wet bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather. Using your fingers like a comb, smooth the lather along your hair. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse completely. 

When conditioning the biggest mistake people make with the bars is not using enough. These bars rinse very clean and it is impossible to over condition with them. You should rub the bars in until you can run your fingers through your hair while still in the shower.

Contrary to traditional conditioners, it is okay to rub the conditioner on your scalp. We actually recommend it! The oils do not strip your hair, are extremely moisturizing, and rinse clean.

Yes, the shampoo bars are 100% Gluten Free

The conditioner bars are Not Gluten Free because of the wheat germ oil in them. If your skin is sensitive to gluten, we would recommend proceeding with caution!

Yes, these bars are 100% Paraben and Preservative free.

These actually do not require an ACV rinse - at all. We have lemon peel and lemon juice in the bars which actually are very effective in removing any buildup. Our bars leave your hair feeling squeaky clean, soft & moisturized

The essential oil blend for fragrance consists of less than 1% of the bar. If the bars aren't wrapped, the scent will dissipate very quickly. 

If you want an "unscented" bar, we would recommend purchasing our "simple fresh". If you run the bars under water for a minute, the fragrance will disappear quickly.

The Regular shampoo bars (2.4 oz) usually last 50+ washes, depending on length of hair and frequency of use.

The Large shampoo bars (3.0 oz) usually lasts 75+ washes, depending on length of hair and frequency of use.

The conditioner bars (1.7 oz) usually last 60+ washes, depending on length of hair & frequency of use.

Both bars must be kept out of standing water to prolong use. Use a soap lift to preserve the life of your bar.

These bars are handmade in a vegan kitchen, and left to cure in a room that is temperature and
humidity controlled. Because they are made in a kitchen setting, anyone with a severe nut allergies
should purchase these bars with caution due to potential cross-contamination.

One shampoo and conditioner bar is predicted to save you roughly 3 average-sized plastic shampoo/conditioner bars. 1 bar = 3 plastic bottles diverted. 

The Bars are wrapped in a paper-based bag that is 100% 
HOME compostable/biodegradable.

The Labels are made from sugarcane and are also 100%
HOME compostable/biodegradable.

They are great for all hair types (including colored hair)

Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil are both there to help moisturize your hair and scalp. These 2
ingredients also help protect colored/treated hair from losing the color too fast. 

Apricot Seed Oil, Hemp Oil, and Red Raspberry Seed Oil all protect your hair, help strengthen your strands, and promote hair growth, while preventing hair loss. Red Raspberry Seed Oil is also a sunscreen.

The clays are used in the bars for detoxification, coloring,
and to help hold the bars together. 

They do not collect bacteria. The  bars have coconut oil in them, which naturally kills bacteria.

Add a soap lift to your order to preserve the life of your bar.

Yes! ALL bars are a TSA-approved size. They are actually easier to travel with, in our opinion.

These bars are fantastic for ALL hair types. Both our shampoo and conditioner bars boast tons of useful ingredients for curly hair, such as:

All oils (coconut oil, hemp seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil, wheat germ oil, rapeseed oil)
Cocoa Butter
Vegetable glycerin
Vitamin E

Coco sulfate (SCS) has been deemed a safe and gentle ingredient on your hair, skin & the planet. It is derived from the fatty acid of coconut oil. It is not as harsh as SLS. Coco sulfate is a very mild cleanser and it is great for curls. 

We would recommend our conditioner bars to nourish your scalp and strands, as well as for frizz management and moisture control. You can also use it as a leave-in treatment and rub some into your hair when you get out of the shower. 

Other Body Products

Our aim is to create great quality, natural products. We do not accept the use of any low quality or adulterated oils in our products. Since the majority of our products contain essential oils, we took it upon ourselves to do extensive research to find out what to look for and how to determine the purity of an essential oil.

We were surprised to learn that “therapeutic grade” actually doesn’t carry much weight. It turns out that there is no standard regulated by any agency that essential oil companies must adhere to in order to label their oils as “therapeutic grade”. We were also surprised to learn that many companies have designed their own certifications to make it appear that they are the best. When in reality, they have simply set their own standard.

After much research and testing, we are confident that we are using the best essential oils available. We do not use only one brand or company, but several companies. We purchase USDA certified organic essential oils whenever possible.

Any essential oil we use must meet our criteria; which is stated below:
1. We must know the Country of Origin
2. We look for and compare the botanical names to be sure that we are getting the actual essential oil. For example, we don’t just look for “eucalyptus”, but the actual botanical name.
3. We take into consideration the part of the plant used in distillation, since this affects the quality of the oil.
4. It must be steam distilled with no solvents used.
5. The company must be open and honest about providing copies of their testing sheets such as GC-MS testing, or other tests.

Although we do not consider ourselves experts, we simply want to make known our practice in selecting essential oils for our products. We feel that it is important for a consumer to not only know the ingredients in a product, but the quality of the ingredients.

All of our products are cruelty-free.Not all of our products are entirely vegan - some items we use beeswax, which is sourced from ethical beekeepers who protect and care for their bees. Please look at our individual product pages to know which products contain beeswax. 

join the movement, earthling!