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Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds

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  • Our super soft bamboo cotton rounds are a multiuse superhero: remove makeup, apply toner, exfoliate, take off nail polish, and more! Made of bamboo terry and cotton, these silky soft rounds are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. With these, you’ll never miss (or forget to buy) single-use cotton balls or those full-of-questionable-ingredients makeup wipes.

    Once you’ve made your way through the pack, you can toss all the rounds back in the included mesh bag and throw it in the washing machine. They last for years, making both your skin and wallet happier. As a multi-purpose, reusable product, these bamboo rounds are a fantastic and easy sustainable swap.

    Coming full circle: The bamboo rounds & mesh bag are both home and industrially compostable. The box is recyclable in paper, mixed paper, cardboard, or single stream recycling.

    1. Materials: Rounds: 98% bamboo terry, 2% cotton. Bag: 100% cotton.
    2. 3 layers for maximum quality and life span
    3. One size: 20 rounds in a pack
    4. Manufactured in CN
  • Apply product of choice to the round (round can be wet or dry, depending on your needs) and gently rub to remove makeup. To clean the rounds, rinse them off with cold water to remove excess makeup/product, then machine wash in the included cotton mesh bag. Let air dry or tumble dry on lowest setting (rounds may get distorted drying in high heat). Dryer sheet and fabric softeners are not recommended.