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10 Cruelty-Free Holiday Meals That Your Family Will Love

November 04, 2018 4 min read

10 Cruelty-Free Holiday Meals That Your Family Will Love

The Fall holiday season is all about the seasonal dishes; ones that can keep you warm on a chilly fall day, satisfy you longer & give you the nutrients your body needs.

With more and more information coming out about the benefits of a plant-based diet, it's time to spare the turkey & pig's life for once. These 10 cruelty-free holiday meals are the perfect swap to make this season. They're delicious, hearty, and loved from both the herbivores & carnivores!


1. Vegan Shepherd's Pie

Vegan shepherd's pie best cruelty-free holiday meals

Minimalist Baker's recipes speak to my soul. This is the top blog I recommend to friends & family that are looking to incorporate more plants into their diets. 9 ingredients + 1 hour total = wayyyyy easier than cooking any meat! Included in this Shepherd's Pie are lentils because they have a lot of protein and nutrients, although you can easily substitute lentils for mushrooms, walnuts, etc. With warm mashed potatoes on top, you really can't go wrong with this healthy and hearty dish!


2. Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

butternut squash stuffed shells perfect holiday meal cruelty free holiday meal 

This recipe caught my eye RIGHT away when I was looking for things to make for the fall. I'm Italian, so my Family's holiday meals normally contain some sort of lasagna, pasta or both. This is something my family would love - plus, you really can't go wrong with stuffed shells mixed with a seasonal veggie! Served with some cashew cream (both inside & on top), this dish is SURE to be a hit for family.


3. Baked Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

vegan baked pumpkin mac and cheese cruelty free holiday meals

These photos make this dish a must NOT miss for me. Back in the day, there was nothing better on the holidays than homemade baked mac & cheese with some stewed tomatoes on top. With vegan butter and vegan cheese as main ingredients in this recipe, you know it will be a delicious one. It might not be the healthiest option, but you know it'd be a crowd pleaser. This recipe would roughly take you 45 minutes to complete, and could be the perfect side dish or main dish! 


4. Vegan 'Thanksgiving Dinner' Wraps

vegan thanksgiving wraps cruelty free holiday meals

"Wraps" aren't really the first thing you think of when talking about Holiday Meals, although I would be willing to skip traditions for this dish! In 30 minutes or less, you can have these healthy & hearty Thanksgiving wraps, without having to worry about your lack of kitchen space or lack of time. These are served with some fresh toppings like arugula or dried cranberry and a garlic dill hummus sauce for moisture. Bellissima!


5. Savory Mushroom Risotto

vegan holiday meals cruelty free thanksgiving dishes cruelty free christmas dishes

Just to forewarn you: I am the Savory dish QUEEN. I would choose a savory mushroom risotto over anything with fruit any day. That's why this recipe caught my eye. There aren't many seasonal things going on here, but the savory, warm & hearty dish is exactly what a holiday meal stands for. This can be served as a main or side & can be whipped up in an hour! 


6. Mushroom Bourguignon

vegan thanksgiving dishes cruelty free holiday meals cruelty free christmas meals

Is it sad that I had to google how to say "Bourguignon"? For those of you who are like me and do not know, it's pronounced "bor-ghin-yawn" in an American accent. I just came across Vegan Richa's blog & I am so happy I did! I get a little tired of some of the Vegan dishes I see, and Richa's Indian upbringing bring the spice & flavor I am looking for! This Mushroom Bourguignon is EXACTLY what I imagine fall recipes to be like: a dark gravy with tons of veggies & potatoes. Extra bonus - it only takes 30 minutes to put together! I'm definitely going to be making this one multiple times this fall & winter!


7. Vegan Walnut, Sage & Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms

vegan thanksgiving meals cruelty free holiday meals cruelty free christmas meals

If there is anything I've discovered as being vegan for 2+ years now, it's that it is really not hard & that walnuts can do ANYTHING. Walnuts + Sage combined with a little sweetness of cranberry have the potential to be so delicious and so "fall". Serve these as an appetizer or a side - they will be a hit regardless. It only takes 45 minutes to create the perfect holiday app!


8. Glazed Butternut Squash

vegan holiday meals cruelty free thanksgiving meal cruelty free christmas meal

A beautiful, simple & nutritious recipe for your holiday meal centerpiece! If you are looking for something really easy, look no further. This entire recipe is 7 ingredients and features a maple-syrup sage glaze that you will not be able to resist. Loaded with flavor & nutrients, your holiday meal is much less stressful than you think!


9. Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Casserole

cruelty free vegan thanksgiving and christmas meals

I'm not sure what it is about this recipe that looks so amazing, but it just does. It is a simple recipe with easy ingredients, and the final product looks so hearty, delicious, and cheesy. Knowing that it is cruelty-free makes it that much better! Regardless of if you serve it as a side or a main, your crowd will love it!


10. Roast Wellington With Lentils, Mushrooms & Chestnuts

vegan thanksgiving meals cruelty free thanksgiving dishes vegan wellington

If you really want to wow the crowd with your vegan creation, look no further. I have a non-vegan family, so I feel like my vegan recipes have to be really good, because they're already going into the first bite with hesitation. This recipe is for a vegan wellington with lentils, mushrooms, chestnuts, quinoa & tons of veggies! This wellington is covered with some vegan pastry dough & butter & will be the perfect centerpiece to your holiday spread!



Happy cooking, Earthlings! Also, have a wonderful & safe holiday season.