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10 Ways to Use our New Hair & Body Oil

January 18, 2023 3 min read

10 Ways to Use our New Hair & Body Oil

Our Hair & Body Oil is the do-it-all product that helps keep you moisturized from your head to your toes (yes, literally, from a scalp massage to a cuticle treatment!). This product is our response to overflowing medicine cabinets filled with products that only serve one purpose. Being safe for face, skin, and hair, our Hair & Body Oil ticks off so many boxes, making it both more economical and eco-friendlier. Why spend on three products when you could just use one? It’s simpler and less wasteful – a win for everyone.

How to Use Our Hair & Body Oil

Our Hair & Body Oil has three main uses: for your face, skin, and hair.

1. Facial Oil

Apply the oil after cleansing for a nice dose of moisturization that will last all day long. Just a few drops will do the trick! Rub in until absorbed.

2. Body Oil

Apply the oil after showering to lock in moisture and add some glow to your skin. And if you’re wondering, “does it leave an oily residue?”. Nope! It’s lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it soft and smooth.

3. Hair Oil

Use a few drops on your hair either directly after wash day or once it’s dry. We recommend adding to damp hair to preserve the hydrating effects of conditioner, or to dry hair to reduce frizz and add a little shine.

Extra Ways to Use Our Hair & Body Oil

Our Hair & Body Oil’s primary use is for hair and skin as a way to lock in moisture, but because it’s safe for use all over the body, here are a few more ways to get the most out of the multi-functional oil.

Hair & Body Oil

4. Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is a great way to boost circulation on your head, helping your hair stay healthy and possibly even boosting hair growth. Place a few drops of our Hair & Body Oil on your scalp and massage it in. Do this 15-30 minutes before washing with shampoo and conditioner, or you can do it the night before wash day. We recommend seeing how your scalp responds before leaving it overnight. Wrap your head in a warm, moist towel for extra absorption!

5. Facial Massage

Seeing a trend here? Oils are great for massage so that your hands can glide over the skin and your skin can absorb all the hydration. Our blend is nice and light so that it won’t leave an unwanted residue. Use it with your favorite facial massage tool like a jade roller or gua sha (your hands work just as well) for lymphatic drainage.

6. Nail & Cuticle Treatment

Adding oil to your cuticles is a great way to moisturize them, just like any other part of your skin, but doing so on your cuticles can be a particularly potent treatment. The added hydration can help strengthen your nails and cuticles and even stimulate nail growth. Plus, it adds shine!

7. Makeup Remover

If your face wash didn’t cut it, go in for a second cleanse with our Hair & Body Oil. Gently massage the oil into your skin and wash again to remove stubborn makeup.

Curl definer

8. Curl Definer & Shine Enhancer

Apply a few drops to your hands and scrunch out any product cast to reveal bouncy curls with added shine. It can also be used to smooth over flyaways.

9. Bath Oil

Add a few drops to your bath so you can relax and soak without drying your skin.

10. Product Booster

Consider this oil your secret weapon to add a moisture boost to any product. Mix it with any lotion, moisturizer, or hair product for some extra hydration and shine.

Find another way you love to use our Hair & Body Oil? Be sure to share with us!