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A Letter From Our Founders: Reflecting Back On 2022

December 09, 2022 2 min read

A Letter From Our Founders: Reflecting Back On 2022

This year, our team has grown, our product line has grown, but it’s because of your continued support that our collective positive impact has grown, too. In 2022, we accomplished some amazing things:

  • With our shampoo and conditioner bar sales, we were able to divert over 735,000 plastic bottles from entering landfills. Since bottled shampoo and conditioner is made up of anywhere from 70-90% water, and our shampoo bars are waterless formulas that work with the water in your shower, we were able to save over 61,036 gallons of water this year as well.
  • It’s no secret that business operations have a large impact on the health of our planet. Although we make intentional decisions to mitigate this, we still aren’t immune to carbon emissions. That’s why we work with Climate Neutral to measure and offset our emissions annually. In 2022, we expect to offset around 746 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere (for reference, the average American produces 16 tonnes of carbon per year).
  • We’ve made monetary donations to Global Greengrants Fund and product donations to local organizations working towards providing resources (in our case, shower products) to those who need them most, totaling $75,991. Our donations to Global Greengrants Fund have helped with their project in Papua New Guinea, where they’ve recently helped a local organization bring together over 5,000 indigenous peoples to protect their coastal community from large-scale, foreign sand mining operations.

These tangible impacts were made possible because of people like you – people who are not afraid to take action and try new things to fight for a more sustainable future.

People always say: “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” We truly believe that together, we are paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

We’re so grateful for our community of Earthlings – thank you for inspiring us everyday. Wishing you peace and happiness this holiday season.

-Emelia & Kevin

P.S. New product coming January 2023 😎