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All About Our Daily Hydrating Moisturizer

August 03, 2023 2 min read

All About Our Daily Hydrating Moisturizer

Does your skin ever feel dry, tight, or irritated?If yes, you should consider including a face moisturizer in your routine!

Actually, everybody can benefit from having a face moisturizer in their routine (even if you tend to have oily skin) – In fact, Moisturizers are one of the top 5 recommended products by dermatologists and aestheticians.

The Role of Moisturizers: Replenish and Protect Your Skin

So what do moisturizers do? They replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier, while improving common issues like dryness, irritation, or sensitivity.

Moisturizers also protect your skin from environmental damage, which helps preserve your skin’s health and appearance in the long term – keeping your skin soft, hydrated, and healthy.

The Basics of Moisturizers: Emollients, Humectants, and Occlusives

At the most basic level, moisturizers are an emulsion, meaning it’s a combination of water-based ingredients and oil-based ingredients, effectively delivering on skin hydration and moisture, and keeping it locked in.

To do this, moisturizers are made of a few different categories of ingredients:
1. Emollients: which help to make your skin soft and smooth. Emollients fill dry spots with moisture and help strengthen the skin's protective barrier
2. Humectants: which are ingredients that attract and bind water to the skin.
3. Occlusives: which create a barrier on top of your skin to keep hydration and moisture in

daily hydrating moisturizer
Our Daily Hydrating Moisturizer contains all three of these essential ingredients in the form of Safflower Seed Oil (emollient), Hyaluronic acid & aloe (humectants), and Shea Butter (occlusive).

Our Daily Hydrating Moisturizer: Powerful Ingredients from the Ocean

We wanted to take our new Daily Hydrating Moisturizer one step further with powerful, natural and sustainable ingredients inspired by the ocean: microalgae and giant kelp extract.

  • Microalgae immediately calms and soothes the most sensitive of skin, reducing redness and itching
  • Giant Kelp Extract not only replenishes the skin barrier, but strengthens it, while supporting the skin’s natural reparation process

Intentional Skincare for All Skin Types

At The Earthling Co, we believe in building intentional products that have more than one benefit – helping you to simplify your skincare and save money, while providing more naturally effective results to your skin.

Our formula was made for all skin types (including sensitive skin), and has been reviewed and approved by dermatologists. It’s also made without ingredients that tend to irritate the facial skin such as: artificial fragrance, essential oils, artificial dyes, drying alcohols, and silicones. Not only that, it’s one of the very few palm-free, water-based facial moisturizers on the market!

We recommend that you use your moisturizer daily in the morning, after serums and before SPF, or at night only after your serums. If you tend to have really dry skin, you can finish your routine with our Hair & Body Oil for extra moisturize and occlusive power.

Stay tuned for more educational content around building an intentional skincare routine! Check out our Skincare Education page for more information regarding our intentionally made, skincare line!