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All The Ways Dry Shampoo Comes In Handy

August 16, 2021 2 min read

All The Ways Dry Shampoo Comes In Handy

If you’re serious about hair care, dry shampoo is the perfect addition to your existing routine. Compared to traditional dry shampoo products, ours is packaged in a reusable glass container and formulated with natural ingredients like arrowroot powder and bentonite clay. Our dry shampoo is available in a ‘light hair’ and ‘dark hair’ option so it can seamlessly blend into your hair. Not sure when to use it? Keep reading to learn about the many uses of dry shampoo.

Frustrated with your natural hair’s lack of volume? Apply dry shampoo to your roots using an old makeup brush and wait a few minutes for the product to work its magic. Your hair will have more body to it without the stiff feeling that aerosol dry shampoo products can often create. 

Dry shampoo gives your hair a refresh when you’re short on time. We’ve all felt that same panic when realizing that we didn’t have time to wash our hair after finishing a workout. Use a small amount of dry shampoo for post workout hair styling and watch excess sweat and oil become absorbed in a matter of minutes. 

Did you know that dry shampoo can even be used before washing your hair? If you struggle with oily hair, dry shampoo can prevent excess oil production. After waiting a few minutes, wash your hair normally using our shampoo and conditioner bars

The best part about dry shampoo is that it can replace expensive, and sometimes ineffective, hair styling sprays. This means you can save money on pricey salon treatments and products. Since our dry shampoo is great for adding volume, it can hold styles such as curls, waves, and updos.

Before dozing off, try using dry shampoo and brushing it through your hair. The next morning, you won’t have to deal with oily hair and your hair will feel refreshed. Plus, you’ll save a few extra minutes in the morning on your hair care routine.

Now you can enjoy silky smooth hair without the extra oil or lack of volume!

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