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Giving Tuesday: How You Can Give Back Today

November 29, 2022 2 min read

Giving Tuesday: How You Can Give Back Today

Today is Giving Tuesday, an intentional day of doing good as we head into the holiday season. This Giving Tuesday, The Earthling Co. is donating 10% of all sales to Global Greengrants Fund, a grassroots environmental organization working with local people to make a difference in their communities. All products are eligible – so whatever you purchase today, you’re making a (extra!) difference.

About Global Greengrants Fund

Global Greengrants Fund puts the power directly in the hands of local leaders to do what they know is best for their communities. As an organization, they serve as the mechanism to empower citizens to take the actions necessary to create a more sustainable world.

Here are a few of their projects that stand out to us:


“Many of our grantee partners are fighting for their rights to land, water, and resources and pushing back against the encroachment of extractive oil, gas, and other industries on their local communities. For example, MAKATA, a grantee partner in Papua New Guinea, recently organized among local communities in the Madang province to stop the establishment of a new sand mining project that would have displaced communities and disrupted the region’s fragile ecosystem.

Women and the environment


“Less than 1% of international philanthropy goes to women’s environmental action—that’s why we fund groups like National Confederation of Indigenous Women of Bolivia (CNAMIB), who organized workshops and meetings for local women to learn about extractive projects and their rights as Indigenous Peoples.


“It is our children who will inherit the planet we leave behind, and so it is critical that we follow their lead in creating a sustainable future for the planet and its people. That’s why we fund groups like Migration and Adaptation to Climate Change Organization (MACC), which recently worked to increase the number of environmental clubs in schools in Potmore and Kingston, Jamaica.

This Giving Tuesday, whatever you choose to do, we hope you honor the spirit of the day by giving back however is most meaningful to you. If you’d like to contribute to our donation, shop our products here to be part of our donation to Global Greengrants Fund. Looking for holiday gifts specifically? Check out our gift guide.