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How Often Should You Use a Conditioner?

August 17, 2022 3 min read

How Often Should You Use a Conditioner?

We all know the purpose of using a conditioner: to replenish hair's natural shine. Certain types of conditioners may also have formulas that give bounce to curls or softness to heat-damaged locks. However, figuring out how often you should use a conditioner can be confusing. Too much conditioner can create an adverse effect just as much as too little conditioner can. At The Earthling Co., we want to help you know how to make your hair beautiful, soft, shiny and healthy.

When Should You Use a Conditioner?

Rinse-out conditioner, perhaps the most popular type, is a conditioner that is applied to hair right after shampooing. This type of conditioner is usually kept on the hair for one to five minutes, although the exact time may vary depending on the specific formula. Most rinse-out conditioners have a lotion consistency, but some may come as a paste in a bottle or jar or as a conditioner bar.

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should use a conditioner after every shampooing. The number of times you shampoo your hair in a week depends more on your hair type and needs.

When Should You Use Shampoo?

A lot of people believe that hair should be washed with shampoo at least once a day. Unfortunately, this can lead to dry scalp in most people with average skin and hair types. 

  • Average scalps do not produce a lot of sweat and oil in a day; it is best to do the washing every other day or every two days. This is usually true for people whose hair is medium in thickness and is not oily or overly shiny 24 hours after their last wash.
  • Thick or curly hair may do best with even less shampooing. With this hair type, you may be able to wash as little as once or twice a week. 

In any case, both thick and average hair types should avoid daily washes because washing strips hair of its natural oils that keep your scalp moisturized. Those who have oily scalps or sweat a lot during the day may benefit from washing once a day since this will remove the excess oils on the scalp, but we also suggest trying to extend time between washes with powder dry shampoo.

How to Properly Shampoo and Apply Conditioner to Your Hair?

Even if you wash your hair the right number of times a week, your hair won't get the most out of washing unless you do it correctly.

To wash your hair properly with shampoo, be sure to lather your shampoo and focus its use on your scalp. The lather will help stimulate the scalp and effectively eliminate the hair's oils. A little goes a long way with shampoo. With a shampoo bar from The Earthling Co., it's easy to control how much product you use lather the bar directly on the scalp until it is covered.

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When you apply conditioner, be sure to focus its use on the ends of your hair and keep it away from the scalp. Conditioner is meant to restore moisture to your hair, not the scalp, since applying it to the scalp can make your hair overly oily and in need of another wash.

The Signs of Over-Conditioned and Under-Conditioned Hair

Using too much conditioner can make it less effective. You may be over-conditioning your hair if you notice that it is:

  • Overly shiny or oily
  • Lacking in volume or bounce
  • Difficult to style

On the other hand, using too little conditioner not often enough can also prevent your hair from being healthy. Signs of under-conditioned hair are:

  • Dry or brittle strands
  • Tangles and knots
  • Dull locks

Why Use a Conditioner Bar?

Plastic-free conditioner in a bar form from The Earthling Co. is a great alternative to traditional conditioners that create waste through excess plastic packaging. Another benefit is that you don't have to struggle to get every last bit of product out of a bottle.

You can pair plastic-free shampoo with this type of conditioner for every wash. When you use a shampoo and conditioner bar, you're helping yourself and the environment by creating less waste. Additionally, hair care bars are lightweight, take up less space in your bathroom and are easy to travel with.

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Use a Conditioner Every Time You Shampoo 

Different hair and scalp types may benefit from more or fewer washes in a week. No matter how often you choose to wash your hair, be sure to use a conditioner every time you shampoo. And consider using shampoo and conditioner bars from The Earthling Co. if you want to take a step towards reducing plastic waste while keeping your scalp and hair healthy.