The Anatomy Of Our Plastic Free Shipping Boxes

July 12, 2021 2 min read

The Anatomy Of Our Plastic Free Shipping Boxes

At The Earthling Co, we care deeply about removing plastic in everything from our product packaging down to our shipping materials. Many brands miss the mark when it comes to packaging and choose materials that cannot be recycled or composted. Read on to learn more about our packing materials and how to dispose of your Earthling Co. package once you’ve received your order!


Your order will arrive in a box or mailer made from 100% recycled materials as compared to plastic mailers that usually cannot be recycled. Our packing tape isn’t just any regular tape. This tape is paper based witha water-activated corn starch adhesive and water-based ink. By choosing mostly paper based materials that are better for the planet, we’re setting a standard for plastic free packaging.


There are a few ways to dispose of your order’s packaging. Since the mailers and boxes are paper-based, they can be recycled or composted. The paper tape can be recycled in the majority of facilities, however we encourage you to reach out to your local recycling facility and see what their equipment is capable of.

You can also reuse and repurpose the shipping boxes to serve as storage, moving boxes, or use it again for shipping purposes. 


For a package to go from our warehouse in Reno, NV to your doorstep requires transportation, which puts greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

In order to make all our shipping carbon-neutral, we purchase carbon offsets from a reputable supplier, This non-profit is a 1% For the Planet member and they are helping to lead the fight against climate change, so we are super excited to partner with them.

shipping boxes

While our products help our customers live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, it is so important that we keep our brand values in mind in everything we do. We’re excited for you to receive an order from us and to hear your feedback! If you’d like to share the Earthling love, tag us on social media @theearthlingco!

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