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Top 21 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2019

April 06, 2019 4 min read

Top 21 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2019

Fill your Earth Day afternoon, day or week with this grab-bag of creative ways to celebrate Earth Day. Hopefully, it will inspire you to try something new and take advantage of this perfect cause for celebration.

1. Host a vegan potluck

According to a recent study, a plant-based diet is the “single biggest way” to lessen your environmental footprint. So share some vegan recipes with friends by hosting a potluck to celebrate this Earth Day.


2. Go plogging

For fitness fanatics, plogging combines the eco-friendly practice of picking up trash with jogging in nature.


3. Practice citizen science with the iNaturalist app

For a great way to learn about and contribute to the scientific data of your local region, get out in nature and make observations with your smartphone using the iNaturalist app. It’s fun, I’ve tried it.

4. Plant a tree

This is a necessary step to reducing the carbon in our atmosphere. Yet, I write this tip with a caveat. Planting trees is easier said than done. Follow these Arbor Day Foundation tips on tree planting for the best results.

5. Read a cli-fi book

Climate fiction includes any work of fiction that reflects on climate change in some way. Explore the classic Cli-Fi examples curated by Literary Hub as a starting place.

6. Invest in sustainable businesses

Platforms like CNote enable you to easily put your nest egg in good hands to support sustainable and profitable businesses. This user-friendly site is great for first-time investors, too.

7. Make a time capsule

A time capsule is a conceptual project that allows you to think ahead into the distant future. Thinking long-term is one of the skills required to help the planet earth. You can practice this skill by creating a set of objects or messages that you’d want someone to read a century from now. Preserve, bury or store them in a special spot. For a great example, see the Future Library Project which contains work by Margaret Atwood.

8. Spend the day off the grid

For all practical purposes, this simply means using zero electric energy, water or gas for a day from the services hooked up to your home. You can go camping or rent an off the grid vacation spot to explore this way of life.

9. Photograph, draw or write about nature

Poets, philosophers, and artists have long considered nature their muse. For the artistically inclined, express yourself in your favorite medium by reflecting on the state of the Earth.

10. Ride your bike or walk

I hope this one comes as no surprise. The atmosphere isn’t going to cool down on its own.

11. Forage for food

Whether you realize it or not, we are surrounded by edible weeds, fungi, and flowers. Connect with nature by going for a hike and literally eating up the surroundings. Use this handy guide from Wild Edible to forage safely.

12. Support your local nature preserve or national park

Visit, donate or volunteer for organizations that support conservation such as nature preserves and national parks.

13. Make shopping bags out of recycled clothing

In case you’re wondering how to make that so-last-year frock useful again, then take out your sewing machine and turn it into a shopping tote. Then gift it to a friend!  

14. Replant a patch of lawn

Since “Lawns are an Ecological Disaster” according to Earther, replace yours with a native ground cover that suits your region.

15. Swap out your single-use plastics

This is one easy step in a long list of strategies for going zero-waste. Consider purchasing a bamboo toothbrush, a metal water bottle or thermos, a vintage safety razor, a refillable fountain pen, a shopping tote, beeswax wrappers for fruits and veggies and glass jars for bulk spices, legumes, grains, nuts, and other dry goods.  

16. Host a clothing swap

clothing swap is not only a great way to update your wardrobe, it’s a fun way to talk about sustainability among like-minded friends.

17. Make DIY household cleaners, cosmetics and beauty products

This! Because it’s so fun. Start with household cleaners. Almost everything you use at home has a non-toxic homemade substitution.

18. Compost your food waste

Can you believe that the city of San Francisco collects city-wide compost to manage food waste? It’s true. But if you live anywhere else, you’ll probably have to organize this on your own. It’s not as hard to do as it sounds. Here are some composting tips to get you started.

19. Hang a birdhouse

Birds have experienced gentrification much worse than we have! Help out these avian beauties by mounting a birdhouse in the vicinity of your home.

20. Volunteer for a local eco-friendly non-profit

Follow your interests. Whether it’s wildlife, outdoor adventure, fashion, cooking, activism or travel there is probably an organization working to promote sustainability in that field. Make it a local effort to have the added benefit of a face-to-face community.

21. Raise your fist for the environment

Activism allows you to voice your concern, raise your sign and vent to our political leaders in order to defend the Earth. For the greatest immediate impact, make it local and join others in the fight.