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Transitioning your Tresses to Plastic-Free Hair Care

February 12, 2021 3 min read

Transitioning your Tresses to Plastic-Free Hair Care


While shampoo bars are certainly better for the health of our hair and our planet, there may be an adjustment period when switching to these plastic-free alternatives. With silicones, SLS, parabens, phthalates, it’s no wonder our hair needs some time when transitioning away from bottled products. For many of our customers, it’s love at first wash. For some, switching to bar products may require a period of a few days or even weeks before optimal results appear! 

Traditional shampoos, generally containing sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, strip our hair of its natural and healthy oils. To compensate, our hair produces even more oil. This added oil requires more frequent washing, which is further damaging to the hair, not to mention wasteful. Traditional conditioners, full of silicones, coat the hair to give it a false sense of smoothness. Over time, these silicones will leave the hair especially dry and damaged. To give toxin-ridden hair a break, try these tips to aid the transition to natural products: your locks will thank you! 


Welcome to your hair detox handbook!

Tips for Shampoo Bars:

  • Don’t be shy with the shampoo: make sure to use as much as you need during the transition period! Shampoo bars are not as drying as most liquid shampoos, so you may even wish to wash a second time at first. Your hair will quickly adjust to the change and subsequently began to produce less of its own oil.
  • Make sure to really work up a good lather. Our original bars contain a mild surfactant, sodium coco sulfate. Our new sulfate-free bars contain an even gentler surfactant, commonly known as "baby foam". While our shampoo bars still manage to work up a luxurious lather, they don’t lather the same as shampoos that contain the dreaded sodium laurel sulfate. Bars require a little extra work: lather them up in your hands first!
  • Be sure to rinse thoroughly! Unlike other shampoos, these plastic packaging-free products may not rinse out as quickly, so it is important to be thorough!


  • To help with potential oiliness between washes during the transition period, we recommend our dry shampoo! Free of synthetic fragrances, chemicals, aerosol, and plastic, our dry shampoo is the perfect addition to your new earth-friendly hair care routine. Organic Arrowroot Powder naturally absorbs oil and moisture giving your hair that just- washed feeling. Organic rosemary, clary sage, and geranium essential oils give an all-natural, fresh scent. For dark hair, try our version with cocoa powder- it won’t leave any trace or buildup behind!


Tips for Conditioner Bars:

  • Don't be shy! When using a conditioner bar, the biggest mistake people make is not using enough. These bars rinse very clean and it is impossible to over-condition with them.
  • Gently rub the wet bar directly onto your hair in a combing motion. You will feel the conditioner apply when your ends feel soft and moisturized, like with regular conditioner. When you can run your fingers through your hair, you know it's applied!
  • Contrary to traditional conditioners, it is okay to even rub the conditioner on your scalp. The oils and butters are extremely moisturizing and rinse clean - no residue, just super soft locks.
  • Give it a minute! Let the conditioner work its magic on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out.
  • Leave in treatment: we recommend using a little conditioner after the shower as a leave-in treatment: this will make brushing and detangling a breeze! To gently detangle hair without causing breakage, try our wide-toothed bamboo comb!


Many customers will find that no adjustment period is needed at all, but we hope these tips helps those who are a bit tentative towards bar products! For those of you enduring an adjustment period with you bars, we commend your efforts. Withstanding this transition period brings the rewards of healthier hair, the elimination of excess toxins in our bodies and ecosystems, and the prevention of plastic consumption for a happier earth: we promise it’s worth it!