What Are Shampoo Bars? Here's Everything You Need To Know

August 24, 2022 3 min read

What Are Shampoo Bars? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Think about shampoo for a moment. Your hair cannot thrive without it. Most people have grown up around shampoo using its standard, viscous liquid form. However, in this aqueous emulsion state, it is not unusual to find strong detergent elements and additives to boost the shampoo's cleaning power, improve its fragrance and maintain its freshness or stability. In other words, these powerful chemical compounds or surfactants have the potential to damage and weaken your hair strands, as well as irritate your scalp. 

Is there a better way to clean the hair safely and properly? The answer is shampoo bars!

Shampoo Bars Go Beyond Basic

Shampoo bars have brought simplicity back to hair care. Here at The Earthling Co., we believe in creating thoughtfully designed products that nurture earth-friendly habits and routines.

Using shampoo bars is the modern way to wash your hair. It's a safer product that works extremely well and gets rid of all those wasteful, plastic bottles of liquid shampoo that line your tub and shower, which eventually end up in landfill year after year, contributing to our global waste problems.

A great shampoo bar produces a rich and nourishing lather for your scalp and hair. Our bars are suitable for all hair, including curly, straight, color-treated, bleached, dry, oily, sensitive, etc. at any age. 

Also, shampoo bars leave out damaging ingredients commonly found in liquid shampoos, such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), preservatives, parabens, fillers and silicones. No one's hair can endure those harsh ingredients week after week and expect to have their "crowning glory" stay shiny, manageable, strong, and healthy.

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Try Our Shampoo Bars for Fabulous Hair

Your Hair Will Respond in a Good Way

When you choose a shampoo bar option to match a soap bar for your body, your hair will receive several advantages from its ultra-concentrated, ultra-compact design that neatly fits into the palm of your hand.

Our shampoo bars are easy to use. You can create lather in your hands to apply to your scalp or use the bar directly onto your hair. One bonus is that rubbing the bar directly on your scalp is almost like a little tension-relieving scalp massage! Your strands and scalp will notice the difference with our blend of gentle, nourishing ingredients.

At The Earthling Co., we have developed a variety of shampoo bars, including Sweet Sandalwood, Vanilla Coconut, Citrus Sun, Simple Fresh, Cool Breeze and Wild Vanilla. There is also an unscented option, and even the colors of our shampoos are beautiful. Each shampoo bar lasts between 50 and 75 washes or two to six months which can help you save money.

Your hair will respond positively to this solid shampoo format, and after just a few washings, you will enjoy handling hair that naturally delivers more texture and hold, which is a welcome bonus.

A Rich Formula That Fortifies Hair

You have many options for your hair, but we believe that our shampoo bars are made with some of the most wholesome ingredients on the planet.

Our uniquely blended formula features five main shampoo players, including:

  1. Coconut oil for enhancing moisture
  2. Apricot seed oil packed with fatty acids
  3. Vitamins for softening hair
  4. Panthenol (vitamin B5) for boosting each hair strand’s strength and shine 
  5. Glycerin for maintaining hydrated, healthy hair

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Shop for Our Incredible Conditioner Bars

Our products are safe for all hair types and provide the extra moisturizing that helps manage frizz and lock in enviable shine. For those days that you don't have time to wash your mane, our natural dry shampoo can give your hair a refreshing boost, and best of all, it's non-aerosol.

Check Out the Beauty of the Earthling Co.

Let's be honest. All of us wants a good hair day, and most of us put our strands through a lot via coloring, highlighting, perming, straightening, blow-drying, flat-ironing, etc.

Don't you deserve hair that's shiny and healthy with movement and strength? Isn't it time to stop stripping your hair and weakening every strand with liquid shampoos? The next time someone asks: What are shampoo bars? You will have the answer.

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