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10 Winter Hair Care Tips: How to Protect Your Hair During the Cold Months

October 19, 2022 3 min read

10 Winter Hair Care Tips: How to Protect Your Hair During the Cold Months

Nothing beats sitting by the fireplace with a steaming cup of cocoa and a cozy wooly blanket in the winter. However, while you are having a good time, your hair isn’t! The cold may cause your scalp to become dry and flaky and your hair to become brittle and rough. Just as you protect your body from the cold during winter, you must likewise protect your hair. Here are 10 winter hair care tips for maintaining smooth, strong and moisturized hair.

1. Deep Condition

Don’t skip hair conditioning during winter. Condition your hair using a conditioner bar to replace moisture and protect your hair from the impacts of hot styling equipment, indoor heating and freezing winter winds. When your hair is exposed to chilly weather, static hair is typical.

Keep Your Hair Moist and Protected With a Conditioner Bar

2. Avoid Heat Styling

Applying heat to your head is a common way to cause hair breakage, split ends and damage. Consider how this damage may double when your mane is at its weakest in the cold weather. So, try to use hair straighteners and curling irons as little as possible and always use a heat-protectant before doing so.

3. Use a Hair Mask Weekly

Weekly hair masks may make a major impact on damaged, dry hair, just as weekly facial masks are crucial for healthy skin. They can counteract the effects of dryness while ensuring that your hair is adequately preserved all year. Hair masks are simple and quick to apply. They are jam-packed with plenty of hair health advantages and work in just 20 minutes. Hair masks may soften, hydrate and add gloss to your hair.

If you love a good hair mask, try adding our Hair & Body Oil to your routine. It contains jojoba oil, vegan keratin, prickly pair oil, and desert date oil to help smooth, nourish, and strengthen your hair. It's the perfect way to combat frizz and dryness. 

using conditioner bar in shower

4. Cover Your Hair

Protecting your hair from moisture-robbing air, snow, rain and wind throughout the winter is critical. This is hardly the time to be concerned about hat hair. The weather dries out your hair, leaving it more susceptible to breakage. Cotton, wool and other textiles can cause hair breakage, so line your hat with satin or silk to help prevent hair breakage.

5. Take Warm Showers

While a hot shower might be delightful, it can also harm your hair. Clogged hair follicles open up when subjected to hot water. Although this is excellent for removing debris and dirt from the skin, it can drain moisture from your hair, resulting in brittle and dry hair. Therefore, you should bathe with warm water followed by a chilly rinse to close the follicles and seal in the nutrients and moisture.

6. Use a Humidifier

During the cold season, the abrupt temperature change can sap moisture from your hair. When the temperatures drop, a room heater might give comfort; however, it also dries indoor air, harming your hair. Humidifiers help balance the moisture concentrations in your indoor space and avoid dryness.

7. Dry Your Hair Before Going Out

Cold air stretches the hair roots, making them brittle and causing color loss. Always go outside with dry hair during winter. Allow additional time for your hair to air dry, or adjust your winter hair care plan accordingly.

8. Avoid Frequent Washing and Rinsing

You lose sebum, the natural oil that hydrates and protects your scalp when you wash your hair. Rinsing your hair too often — say, every day —can be harmful, interfering with sebum generation and resulting in damaged, dry hair. Although washing your hair using water can eliminate obvious grime and debris, washing it with conditioner and a shampoo bar will significantly help this process.

Using natural dry shampoo is another option for extending the period between washes. Dry shampoo cleans the hair roots and revitalizes your hairstyle. It also makes your hair look and smell good.

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shampoo and conditioner bars in window

9. Get Regular Trims

Winter’s dry and chilly air promotes hair breakage and broken ends. Friction from scarves and hats adds to the stress on your hair. Trim your hair every one to two months to avoid this. This keeps your locks appearing fresh in the cold season. Cut your hair a half inch from the bottom to eliminate dry, split ends.


Winter affects your scalp and hair the same way it affects your skin. It may cause scalp flaking and dryness, as well as rough, dry and brittle hair. Your lips are also vulnerable to the cold weather, making them chapped and dry. Don’t forget to add a natural lip balm to moisturize your lips while you are working on keeping your scalp and skin safe from the cold, dry air.