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Sisal Soap Saver Bag


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      • Gently exfoliate with the most efficient product for storing your soaps, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, or even your pet shampoo bars! With this sisal soap saver bag you don't have to worry about holding onto those slippery bars. Simply pop the bar into the pouch, run under water and lather up! The best part about these is that after you're done washing up you can hang this in your shower and let it dry- No fussing with soap dishes or gooey shower shelves. Who said living a zero-waste lifestyle had to be inconvenient?
        1. Materials: Naturally derived sisal from the agave plant, wooden bead
        2. Size: 5.3" x 3.5"
        3. Comes package-free
        4. 10% of Profits Donated to Environmental Conservation
        5. End of Life: 100% compostable.

join the movement, earthling!

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