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Low-Waste Bathroom Products

Made in USA 🇺🇸
Transform your home and make it more environmentally friendly by creating a plastic-free bathroom! Discover The Earthling Co.’s sustainable bathroom products, featuring plant-based hair care and body care, as well as waste-reducing, reusable items. Try our popular shampoo and conditioner bars, saving every last scrub with a soap dish or sisal soap saver bag. And don't forget–self-care goes beyond our bathrooms. You can also show self-care by treating our earth right, opting for more eco-friendly bathroom products. Use self-care products made from renewable resources, such as bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo combs and loofah sponges. Plus, all of The Earthling Co.’s products are designed with 100 percent compostable and recyclable packaging and materials.

After you check out The Earthling Co.’s bathroom products, be sure to also check out our kitchen goods collection. Only then can you make a low-waste home and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.