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Coconut-Free Low-Waste Products

Discover the best coconut-free products, perfect for tree nut allergy sufferers who also strive to be kind to our earth. Created without any coconut-containing ingredients, you'll find several gentle, earthling-friendly items, such as face lotions and shampoos. Free of harsh chemicals and perfume oils, our coconut-free skin care and hair care products are the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Without coconut, you’ll moisturize instead with ingredients like shea butter, sunflower oil and rosehip oil, scented with infused flowers.

And when choosing a coconut-free product, rest assured that all of The Earthling Co. products are packaged and wrapped in 100 percent compostable and recyclable materials. Allergy or no, The Earthling Co. makes it easy to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Also, be sure to check out our other collections–gluten-free and vegan!