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About The Earthling Co.

We are all Earthlings.

The Earthling Co. was built on the belief that we have the power to create a more sustainable and harmonious world. We believe that the products we all use daily should not be harmful to you, the planet, and everyone that calls it home.

We are a lifestyle brand that focuses on offering affordable, earth-friendly alternatives to everyday products. We want to change the way people think about consumer products. We want to encourage people to believe in the power they hold in making a change. We want to educate and inspire the world around us to make more conscious choices in the name of Mother Nature. 

In addition to changing the consumer product landscape, we want to give back to the planet that gives so much back to us. We donate a portion of our profits with every sale back to global environmental organizations who are rehabilitating our planet for future generations.

Whether you're new to this community or a seasoned zero-waster, we invite all of you to engage with our beautiful community, and leave your advice and tidbits. We're all in this together. 

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join the movement, earthling!

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