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About The Earthling Co. [OLD]

We are all Earthlings.

The Earthling Co. was built on the belief that we have the power to create a more sustainable and harmonious world. We believe that the products we all use daily should be safe for you, the planet, and everyone that calls it home.

We are a positive lifestyle brand that focuses on offering affordable, plastic-free alternatives to everyday products. We want to change the way people consume their daily products and encourage people to believe in the power they hold with their purchases. We want to empower and inspire people to make more conscious choices. 

We spend lots of time researching every ingredient that goes into our products so it's completely safe for you and the planet. We're working to ensure total supply chain transparency, making sure all of our ingredients are sourced ethically. All of our product packaging is either compostable, recyclable, or both. We ship entirely plastic-free, and ensure our customers know what to do with our products end-life.

In addition to changing the consumer product landscape, we give back to the planet that gives so much to us. We donate a portion of every sale to a variety of environmental organizations that work on well-rounded ways to create the harmonious and sustainable world we envision.

Whether you're new to this movement or a seasoned zero-waster, we invite all of you to engage with our community, ask questions, and leave your advice and tidbits.

What happens to our planet, happens to all of us. At the end of the day, we are all Earthlings.

Our Core Values

Since we are human, we choose to favor progress over perfection. We are committed to continuously improving, learning with each step, and maintaining transparency through it all. We understand the responsibility we have, as a business, to set a better standard and show accountability, and that is why we choose to embrace the growth-mindset.

We are a for-profit business, but one that takes into consideration our impact on human, natural, and social capital. We understand that everything is interconnected and that is why we consciously seek harmony on multiple levels as we work towards our mission and vision. We strive for healthy balances in everything we do and are committed to utilizing the resources and information we have available to us to become the most responsible and sustainable company possible.

Whether it be through social media channels, our products, or giving back to our local and global community we always have our fellow Earthlings top of mind. We aim to create a safe, accessible, and supportive space for our community. A space where diversity and diversity of thought are celebrated and appreciated. A space where all Earthlings feel empowered to create change while embracing their individuality.

As a company, we embrace creativity to provide innovative solutions for our community and the planet’s most pressing issues. With the help of our passionate team members and community, we strive to focus on the solutions and inspire action towards the sustainable and harmonious future we all envision.