Kitchen Essentials Bundle


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If you're looking to reduce plastic usage in the kitchen, our Kitchen Essentials Bundle is the best place to start!

This bundle features six products, including:

  • Solid Dish Soap – A longstanding Earthling customer favorite. One Solid Dish Soap replaces 2-3 bottles of liquid dish soap.
  • Dish Scrubber – The Dish Scrubber fits perfectly into the the Solid Dish Soap tin, allowing you to work the soap into a nice foam for tackling dirty dishes. The Dish Scrubber is completely compostable.
  • Dish Brush – Made with a comfortable handle and steel loop for hanging. The head of the Dish Brush also fits perfectly into the Solid Dish Soap tin. The head is compostable (and replaceable) once it has reached the end of its useful life.
  • Reusable Food Covers – Made of silicone, and comes in a set of 6 varying sizes. Grips tightly to bowls to keep foods fresh.
  • Organic Muslin Produce Bags (3 pack) – Great for the grocery store or farmers market.
  • Solid Dish Soap Refill – For refilling your Dish Soap tin.

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