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5 Hair Myths Debunked

September 21, 2022 2 min read

5 Hair Myths Debunked

Haircare is no stranger to its own mythology. In fact, there are countless old wives’ tales and conspiracies about what makes your hair grow faster or healthier. While there is plenty of great advice out there, there is also a lot of false information. So let’s debunk some hair myths!

Common Hair Myths

Cutting Your Hair More Often Makes It Grow Faster

How quickly your hair grows is largely genetic. Your health also plays into it. The only grain of truth to this myth is that growth in shorter hair is easier to see visually, so you may feel like you need a trim more often the shorter your hair is. This is because shorter hair usually has a more specific shape (think buzz cut or sharp bob), so it’s more obvious when that shape begins to change.

You Should Only Wash Your Hair X Times Per Week

How often you wash your hair is totally dependent on your individual hair and scalp, as well as personal hair goals. While many people benefit from less frequent washing, if your hair is naturally oily and no amount of dry shampoo or product can help that, you may simply need to wash your hair more often! As with any lifestyle change, adjusting your wash schedule gradually will help get you where you want to go, but don’t feel like you’re damaging your hair if you can’t reduce your wash days by a certain amount.

You Need to Brush Your Hair

Have you heard that you should brush your hair 100 times per day? This old adage is outdated and too general. Not all hair types benefit from brushing. In fact, with curly and coily hair types, brushing dry hair can often cause frizz and damage. Brushing is great for distributing oil in the hair, stimulating the scalp, and preventing knots, but only for straight hair! For curlies, brushing when hair is wet is more beneficial to stimulate the scalp and distribute product.

Plucking Gray Hairs Makes More Grow In Their Place

We have no idea where this one came from, but rest assured it is not true. If only plucking hair made more grow – that would be a great way to get thicker hair! However, plucking hair consistently may cause damage and possibly prevent the hair follicle from producing more hair. So, if you’re not a fan of your grays, your best option is to get them colored. Or just embrace them!

Air Drying Is Safer Than Heat Styling

While excessive heat is likely to damage your hair, if done properly, it will not cause any more damage than air drying. Leaving water in your hair can lead to more breakage because the hair is weakest when wet. In fact, nearly everything can be damaging to the hair – washing, brushing, and styling all included! So with low, gentle heat and some heat protectant, heat styling can be a safe option!

Healthy Haircare Options

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