Does Lip Balm Expire?

August 10, 2022 3 min read

Does Lip Balm Expire?

Have you ever opened an old lip balm tube and been repulsed by what was inside? Unfortunately, just like the food in your fridge, lip balm does expire — within six to 12 months from the time you open it, to be exact. The shelf life depends on several reasons, including the ingredients and the packaging. Let’s take a closer look at what is in lip balm so that you know what to get and when to throw it out.

Why Does Lip Balm Expire?

It all comes down to bacterial growth. Unopened lip balm can last for several years, but once it's opened, the timer starts ticking. As soon as a lip balm is exposed to the air, it becomes fair game for bacteria.

Germs from your lips and mouth transfer to the surface of your lip balm after each use. Once there, they have nothing to do but multiply. Additionally, yeast and mold are naturally in the air, which can accumulate and grow on the surface of lip balm. If your lip balm has harsh, synthetic chemicals, these may also expire and become harmful. Using our natural lip balm with organic ingredients can help you avoid harmful preservatives and additives. But it is still vital to change your lip balm regularly to keep your lip care products safe and sanitary.

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Why Are Natural Lip Balms Better Than Other Lip Balms?

Not all lip balms are created equally. Some are filled with questionable ingredients that may harm your health. Using natural lip balm is one way to ensure that the products you use on your body are free of harmful chemicals such as phenols and parabens. Below are more reasons to stay away from body care products that include iffy ingredients.

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Harmful Ingredients

Companies often use certain chemicals to minimize the bacteria from growing on the surface of your lip balm. At face value, this seems positive. But unfortunately, phenols and parabens are linked to a wide range of medical conditions, such as allergies and obesity.

Further, key ingredients in some lip balms might be doing more harm than good. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, common lip balm ingredients that can make dry lips worse include:

  • Menthol
  • Eucalyptus
  • Petroleum
  • Cinnamon
  • Camphor
  • Salicylic acid

Try a lip balm made with gentle, plant-based ingredients if your lips are dry and cracked. Instead of the typical petrolatum used in traditional chapsticks, The Earthling Co. lip balms rely on shea, cocoa butter and rich mango, which have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that help to lock in moisture and keep your lips healthy.

Storage and Packaging

Even if a beauty product has all the right properties, what about its packaging? Many companies use wasteful manufacturing methods and plastic packaging, which is harmful to our environment and fuels climate change. 

As much as 40% of beauty products end up in a landfill and can take up a space bigger than 1,000 football fields. Think about how often you toss out shampoo and conditioner bottles; you will understand how fast it all adds up. Picking a product with low-waste packaging can reduce your environmental impact. For example, by choosing a natural lip balm, shampoo bar and conditioner bar with no plastic packaging, you can easily cut back on your own waste.

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Why Should I Use a Vegan Lip Balm?

Vegan natural lip balm is the easiest way to ensure that you get a high-quality product that is good for you and the planet. It is manufactured in the USA and is 100% free of harmful chemicals and parabens, and you can be sure that The Earthling Co.’s vegan lip balm will leave your lips feeling healthy and nourished.

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Final Thoughts

Lip balm is not the only vegan and sustainable product we offer for eco-conscious buyers. At The Earthling Co., we are dedicated to sustainability and doing our part to stop climate change and animal exploitation. That is why we offer high-end products that further these goals, like plastic-free deodorant and products that use fruit wax instead of beeswax. Choose ingredients that will help your lips heal and keep your skin and hair healthy!

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