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5 Ways To Fix Dry Skin in the Summer

July 25, 2023 3 min read

5 Ways To Fix Dry Skin in the Summer

During the summer months, it’s natural to desire more time in the sunshine. Whether you’re enjoying a backyard barbecue or a long Sunday at the pool, prioritize your skin care routine to make sure dryness doesn’t ruin your day. Consider the following ways you can fix dry skin in the summer.

1. Curate a Summertime Skin Care Routine

A summer skin care routine will differ from a winter routine because there’s more humidity in the air during the warmer months. With more moisture working in your favor, use products that don’t have to overcompensate for a lack of moisture in the air. Even when you’re on the hunt for a new low-waste skin care line to try, read the ingredients list to shop mindfully for the products going on your dry skin. 

In addition, pay attention to brands that champion eco-friendly, sustainable wellness. At The Earthling Co., we’re incredibly passionate about safe and sustainable processes from start to finish. We also keep affordability at the top of our priority list, so your skin care routine doesn’t need to cost hundreds to acquire.

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2. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is so important in various forms. Start by drinking adequate amounts of water every day. Always walk with a reusable water bottle that’s filled with ice and water to maintain hydration. Hydrate your skin with the foods you eat (and don’t eat) as well. Try your best to increase your intake of plant-based meals that include foods like cucumbers, watermelon and spinach. If you love a good cocktail or an iced latte, replace the cocktail with a mocktail. Opt for a decaffeinated latte as alcohol and caffeine tend to be dehydrating.

You can even stay hydrated by adding moisture to your skin while you’re on the go. Walk with a spritz bottle that contains a hydrating solution. Include a bottle of organic rosehip water and some reusable cotton rounds in your purse. When you start to feel dry in an environment, refresh yourself by dabbing your skin with the spritz and cotton rounds.

3. Sleep With a Humidifier

Even though the air conditioning in your home might feel soothing when you’re looking for a reprieve from the scorching heat of the outdoors, it could also dry your skin. Avoid setting your thermostat to the coldest setting. Instead, set it at a comfortable temperature where you can feel cool and use a humidifier.

A humidifier can serve as a hydrating agent, especially during the hours when you’re asleep and are naturally losing water. As it adds more moisture to the air, it can enhance your skin’s ability to remain soft, supple and moisturized when you’re indoors. After taking an evening shower to wash the day away, apply a good hair and body oil and antioxidant serum, turn on your humidifier, and let it work with your skin care routine to keep your skin soft as you rest.

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4. Prioritize Sunscreen and SPF

SPF is one of the most important considerations in the products you’ll be using during the summer months. It’s best to use sunscreen throughout the year. When the sun is in the sky for longer periods of time, you’ll want to apply and reapply sunscreen every single day. Start by using a lotion. When it’s time to reapply, it’s OK to use a spray. Make sure the SPF in the sunscreen is at least 35. It’s also wise to look for additional ways to shield your skin from the sun. Some great options include an umbrella and a wide-brimmed hat.

5. Consider the Pool/Beach Routine

As you head to the pool this summer, remember that the pool is filled with chlorine. While it’s important for sanitary purposes, it’s damaging when you’re trying to maintain healthy skin. One of the best ways to combat its harm is by rinsing off after exiting the pool. Cleanse your skin thoroughly with a great body wash, then add a deep moisturizer. As long as you do this process, you’ll protect your skin. The same concept applies when you’re headed to the beach. When you’re able to protect your skin with these two steps, you’ll save yourself from the discomfort of flakiness and more.

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Consistency Is Key

As you incorporate these tips into your everyday routine, know that it might feel cumbersome at first. However, when you’re consistent, you’ll see a difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Plus, when the winter months come around, you’ll be prepared with the level of intensity you’ll need to ensure your skin always maintains a beautiful, healthy and dry-free glow!