How Do Soap Savers Work?

August 04, 2021 3 min read

How Do Soap Savers Work?

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a slew of solid beauty bars taking up residence in your bathroom: body soap bars, face soap bars and shampoo bars, to name just a few. Beyond improving the look and feel of our skin and scalp, these Earthling-friendly cleansers are a great way to reduce plastic bottles in the shower by replacing traditional liquid products. 

Soap bars work great as a standalone product in the shower, but they’re even better when paired with a soap saver (specifically, our soap saver bag). When used correctly, these eco-friendly pouches can help you get more mileage out of your bar and elevate your bath time experience. 

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What Is a Soap Saver?

First, let’s start with the basics. What is a soap saver, exactly? As its name suggests, a soap saver is a bathroom accessory that helps extend the lifespan of your bars. Instead of storing your soap bar on a bathroom ledge, where it never fully dries, soap savers keep your bars in top shape by lifting them off the ground.

Soap savers come in a variety of options, including soap dishes, lifting pads and drawstring bags. But to keep things brief, we'll be focusing specifically on the last one — soap saver bags.

So, How Do Soap Savers Work?

Unlike soap dishes and lifting pads, which only do one thing (i.e., keep the bar dry), soap saver bags are unique because they have several uses:

  • They Save Your Soap Bits First, and perhaps the most obvious, they help you save every last bit of your bar. When your soap becomes too small to handle, simply toss the soap sliver into the bag along with your new bar of soap. Eventually, it will mold into the old bar, so nothing is wasted.
  • They Keep Your Bar Dry – Soap savers help your bar last longer by keeping it off the ground. Most soap saver bags have a rope attached to them so you can hang them up on your bathroom faucet or shower caddy to dry after use.
  • They Gently Exfoliate Some soap saver bags, like our sisal soap saver bag, double as gentle exfoliators for your skin. It’s made from naturally derived sisal from the agave plant, giving it a naturally coarse texture that exfoliates without damaging the skin. Simply plop the bar in the bag, cinch the drawstring and lather up.
  • They Make Your Bar Less Slippery – If you’re tired of dropping your slippery bar in the shower, you’ll love our sisal soap saver bag. Thanks to its grippy texture, this all-natural soap saver bag will help you keep a firm grip on your bar at all times.
  • They Improve Lather – If you've recently made the switch to natural soap bars, you may have noticed that they don't lather as well as conventional soap bars. This is because natural soaps typically don't contain harsh surfactants (the foam-forming agents that strip dirt and oil from the skin). If you miss that good ol’ lather, but not the skin reactions it may have caused, try using a soap saver bag. The friction of the bar against the bag produces a rich, foamy lather just like your old body wash.
  • They Replace Plastic Loofahs – Research has shown that plastic loofahs (aka, bath poufs) are riddled in bacteria. Plus, they’re not good for the environment — plastic loofahs shed microplastics that go down our bathroom drains and end up in the oceans. Our sisal soap saver bag, on the other hand, can be thrown in the wash and reused time and time again. Plus, it’s 100 percent compostable!

What Can I Store in a Soap Saver? 

In addition to traditional body soap bars, our sisal soap saver bag can be used to store shampoo bars, conditioner bars and facial soap bars — even your pet shampoo bars! If you’ve run out of room on your wooden or silicone soap dish, a soap saver bag works great as backup storage for your bars. Going on a vacation or a camping trip? You can also use a soap saver bag as storage for travel. The sky’s the limit with our sisal soap saver bag.

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Say Goodbye to Plastic with a Soap Saver from The Earthling Co.

Soap saver bags keep your skin healthy, the planet happy and your wallet full. Put simply, they’re a no-brainer for anyone trying to make their daily routine a little more sustainable. Have you tried it yet? Order your sisal soap saver bag today and get clean without the plastic.

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