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How To Brighten Dull Skin: 6 Tips

May 16, 2023 3 min read

How To Brighten Dull Skin: 6 Tips

Many people covet radiant, smooth, clear skin; some even figure out that healthy skin results from exceptional genes or good fortune. If you’re challenged with dull skin, a healthy lifestyle and skin care routine can help you attain a glow, an even skin tone and supple skin.

Below are The Earthling Co.’s recommendations on how to brighten dull skin including ingredients to look for, foods to eat and more. 

1. Use Dermatologically Recommended Active Ingredients

It’s important to be selective about the topicals you apply to your face in an effort to eliminate dull skin. Dermatologists recommend using active skin care ingredients that are science-based and have been developed to brighten the skin. A daily antioxidant serum featuring vitamin C and hyaluronic acid is an excellent brightening formula that nourishes the skin to even out the complexion, adds plumping moisture and includes vitamin E to safeguard against environmental damage.

2. Remove Makeup

The right cleansing routine (including reusable cotton rounds) can also help relieve dull skin by removing grime, makeup, and environmental pollution and unclogging pores that have accumulated oil and bacteria. Sleeping with a face full of cosmetics damages the skin and causes irritation, inflammation and breakouts.

Stick to a daily and/or nightly cleansing routine with a gentle formula that lifts away impurities, protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier and delivers a soft, glowing complexion.

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3. Do a Weekly Exfoliation

A dull complexion often includes a build-up of dead skin cells, and dermatologists say that if they’re not exfoliated, your skin will lack that full vitality glow. You can slough away the dead surface skin cells once weekly by using physical and/or chemical exfoliation methods.

Always apply a lightweight moisturizer post-exfoliation. There are hydrating, gentle and clean beauty formulas that can improve skin texture and tone with safe, nature-derived ingredients. For instance, our multipurpose hair and body oil is a wonderful moisturizing option that treats dry patches, nourishes the skin and produces a healthy glowing complexion. It can also tame frizzies and flyaways for more manageable hair.

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4. Consume Skin-Glowing Foods

What you put into your body will also reflect how your skin appears. Foods high in sugar or those containing processed ingredients can leave you with dull skin, acne, dark undereye circles, etc.

Nutritionists have some vitamin or mineral-rich favorites that can return your glow and support healthy skin function. Add avocados, walnuts, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, berries and dark chocolate to your diet. All of these delicious options feature skin-friendly value.

5. Practice Stree-Free Living

Everyone on the planet experiences stress, so it’s impossible to completely avoid it, but stress can have an impact on the skin and leave it looking flat. Healthcare professionals recommend relaxation techniques that bring more blood flow and higher oxygen levels to the body. Yoga and meditation are two fine examples that can brighten the complexion by helping you find inner calmness and reducing inflammatory markers in the body.

6. Apply Daily SPF

Sun protection matters, and if you desire a radiant complexion, then applying a formula with an SPF 30 daily is essential. Unprotected sun exposure is one of the leading causes of a dull complexion. The powerful UVA and UVB rays cause the key proteins in your skin to crumble and destroy the precious skin barrier.

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Start Now To Brighten Your Skin Naturally

Your age or your complexion’s condition doesn’t matter. Every individual can learn how to brighten dull skin naturally. As outlined above, all it takes is a few low-waste skin care and lifestyle tweaks to get your glow on!