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How to Store Shampoo Bars

June 22, 2021 3 min read

How to Store Shampoo Bars

Here at The Earthling Co., we’re pretty crazy about our shampoo bars. They’re lightweight, easy to transport, and contain nothing but the best plant-based ingredients for your hair. (No silicones, sulfate-surfactants, preservatives, or fillers.) Best of all, they’re entirely plastic-free! Our shampoo bars replace two to three traditional plastic shampoo bottles.

We want you to love our bars as much as we do, and that starts with knowing how to store shampoo bars properly. With the right care, you’ll fall in love with plastic-free shampoo and never look back!

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Why Do Shampoo Bars Need to Be Stored a Certain Way?

Solid shampoo bars are activated by water. If you let your bar sit in water for too long, it will eventually turn into a wet, soggy mess. For this reason, we strongly recommend storing your shampoo bar in a cool, dry place to extend the lifespan of your bar. By keeping your bar dry in between uses, you can maximize its lifespan and get more bang for your buck.

How to Store Shampoo Bars: 5 Different Ways

When choosing a storage solution for your bars, you need to keep two things in mind: air flow and drainage. Storing your bars in a place with a steady stream of dry air and proper drainage is key to loving your bars for as long as possible! Pro tip: if you share a shower with a partner, roommates or family members, take the bars out of the shower when you’re done. It keeps the bars drier when not in use and prevents water from running over the soap and making the bars smaller.

With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to store your shampoo bar.

Option One: Soap Dish

If you want a stylish and practical way to store your shampoo bar, look no further than our wooden soap dish. Made from beechwood (harvested and milled in the USA), this beautiful dish has special rivets for built-in drainage, so your bar stays nice and dry between washes.

Wooden soap dishes should be cleaned every two weeks to prevent mildew and mold from accumulating. But we think that’s a small price to pay for an eco-friendly soap dish that elevates our entire bathroom, don’t you?

If you’re not a fan of wooden soap dishes, skip the plastic altogether and try our silicone soap dish instead. Silicone is non-toxic, durable and super easy to clean, making it a great storage solution for your shampoo bar.

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a couple of natural wooden soap dishes with bars of soap on them

Option Two: Soap Saver Bag

a couple of shampoo bars sitting on a mesh saver bag

Never heard of a soap saver bag before? Allow us to fill you in. It’s a helpful little bag that holds your slippery bars, including shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body soap bars — even your pet’s shampoo bar! Simply hang it up in the shower after you’re done using it and you’ll never have to deal with slimy bathroom shelves again.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly soap saver bag for your shampoo bars, check out our sisal soap saver bag. It’s made from naturally-derived sisal, an incredibly-strong fiber that comes from the Agave Sisalana plant. Plus, it’s easy to care for — just pop it in the washing machine as needed — and can be composted at the end of its life!

Option Three: Shower Caddy  

Do you have a shower caddy that hangs from the shower head or the towel bar? As long as your shower caddy has good drainage, there’s no reason you can’t use it to store your shampoo bar. 

One thing to note: As your bar gets smaller and smaller, you may need to invest in a different storage solution (think a soap saver bag or a soap dish). Otherwise, your ever-shrinking shampoo bar might slip through the stainless steel bars.

Option Four: Bathtub Caddy Tray

a person sitting in a bath with a bathtub caddy tray laid across the bath

Similar to shower caddies, bathtub caddy trays can also be used to store your shampoo bar. These convenient and luxurious-looking trays typically have a spot with drainage for your sudsy products, but if not, you can always add a soap dish to your bathtub caddy.

Option Five: DIY Shampoo Bar Holder

For the fearless DIY-er and avid zero-waster, there’s always the do-it-yourself option. For instance, if you have an old travel soap container or a tin case, you can turn it into a DIY shampoo bar holder by tying some rubber bands around the container. It might not look as pretty as a wooden soap dish, but it will do the job.

Giving Your Shampoo Bar a Proper Home

There you have it! When it comes to shampoo bar storage, you have plenty of options that don’t involve plastic. 

Looking for more ways to go plastic-free? Check out the entire collection of plastic-free products at The Earthling Co. and help us keep plastic out of landfills!