Why You Should Switch to a natural lip balm

June 22, 2022 2 min read

Why You Should Switch to a natural lip balm

Lip balm is one of the most popular personal beauty items out there. In fact, you’ve probably used several from many different brands over the years. However, not all lip balms are created equally. Some are greasy, irritating, and all around ineffective. In short: you know a good lip balm when you try it!

Natural lip balms are an effective, safe alternative to synthetic balms full of artificial ingredients. Full of nourishing ingredients, natural lip balms help keep your lips healthy and moisturized without unwanted ingredients like artificial fragrance or petrochemicals. Here’s why you should make the switch:

The Problem with Synthetic Lip Balms

Standard lip balms are often full of harmful ingredients that, while potentially moisturizing, can end up harming your health. Many contain parabens, which are known to  interfere with human hormone production.  They may also have artificial fragrance or color added, which can irritate or even burn your lips.

Additionally, many of these lip balms come in a plastic tube. As you likely know by now, plastic is made from non-renewable resources, can take  hundreds of years  to break down, and is often  difficult to recycle effectively.  This takes significant resources and means even a small, single tube of lip balm can have a significant environmental impact. When you consider the number of tubes of lip balm you purchase over a lifetime, that really adds up. 

Health Benefits of Natural Lip Balm

Organic lip balms can provide significant health benefits, especially with continued use over time. Thanks to their nourishing ingredients, the vitamins and antioxidants within work to both soften and fortify your lips. They can not only act as a barrier from damaging environmental factors, but they may also repair damage from sun exposure. Plus, their natural fragrance from essential oils, butters, and plant extracts tend to smell and taste much better than artificial fragrances. These benefits are more than just skin deep! 

Natural Lip Balm’s Better-For-You Ingredients

Lip balm helps to soothe chapped, dry lips while protecting the skin from harsh or irritating environmental factors. Natural lip balm is more Earth-friendly as well. With naturally-derived ingredients and no plastic, it has a much smaller carbon footprint. Plus, natural, plant-based ingredients taste better – and smell better too!

The Earthling Co.’s natural lip balm is made with rich butters that moisturize the skin while reducing inflammation. Instead of petroleum, it contains pomegranate sterols, which offer protection from harsh environmental factors. And the delicious addition of peppermint oil both stimulates and cools the skin (and smells great!).

Our lip balm comes in 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard, cutting out any plastic and making it completely compostable. With these nourishing ingredients and low-impact packaging, it’s the perfect addition to your eco-conscious lifestyle.

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