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How To Set Up Your First Apartment Sustainably

July 29, 2021 3 min read

How To Set Up Your First Apartment Sustainably

Buying the essentials for your first apartment or dorm is a large task that often involves purchasing items made of plastic or other materials that aren’t always sourced sustainably. Luckily, there are so many plastic free alternatives for necessities such as toiletries, cleaning products, food storage, and more. A key component of sustainable living includes finding use for items you already own, so keep reading for suggestions on how to upcycle pieces for your space as well

Starting off with toiletries, Earthling Co. offers so many plastic free alternatives to products you use every day. Our shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars are perfect for shared spaces since they’re so compact. Store them in our sisal soap saver bag that’s convenient for going between your dorm room and the bathroom on your floor. In a shared apartment bathroom, place your bars on a wooden soap dish to save space!

sisal soap saver bag

We carry much more than just shampoo and conditioner bars. Shop our full range of body and hair care products!

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Another necessity for every space is a set of cleaning supplies. All purpose cleaner, dish soap, and other disinfectants usually come in plastic bottles. These cleaning solutions can also contain toxic chemicals. Rather than spending money on cleaning products, you can make your own from more natural ingredients. After making your solution, upcycle an old bottle or glass jar and you’re all set! Check out this article for inspiration on how to make your own all-purpose cleaner!

Especially if your living space lacks a dishwasher, our solid dish soap and dish brush duo can get the job done. Our solid dish soap lathers well with a small amount of water, so it will last you and your housemates several months. Plus, who wants to look at a bottle of bright green dish soap next to the sink?

bamboo dish scrubber

To save on all of our plastic free kitchen products, shop our kitchen essentials bundle! This bundle has everything you need to set up your sustainable kitchen. Inside a drawstring bag you’ll find Solid Dish Soap, a Dish Scrubber, a Dish Brush, Reusable Food Covers, Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags, and a Dish Soap Refill. Plus, you’ll save 21% off.

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Apartment furniture can also pose a challenge for those who are more eco-conscious. Instead of immediately buying new furniture online, stop by your local thrift store and browse their housewares and furniture! Most college campuses also have Facebook groups dedicated to selling gently used items to other students. After seeing how many items are in need of new homes, you may never want to buy a brand new piece of furniture again! If you do shop secondhand, make sure to thoroughly wash and sanitize each purchase or look for items that can be easily washed in a washing machine!

For the creative people out there, so many home decor and storage pieces can be upcycled from existing items you already have. Transform old pasta sauce jars into bulk food storage. Paint over single-use plastic containers and use them to store utensils or makeup brushes. Create your own artwork using materials you already have! These small craft projects give your space a unique and personal touch.

Before buying anything new, even sustainable products, use up what you already own first! Once you’re in need of new products, reach for plastic free alternatives like The Earthling Co.’s shampoo bars, solid dish soap, and kitchen products. As far as furniture and home decor goes, get creative and create your own pieces or source them secondhand! Add in a few plants around your home and your new space is complete!