How To Make Your Soap Bars Last!

July 26, 2021 2 min read

How To Make Your Soap Bars Last!

With any product you purchase, you’d like to prolong the life of that product to avoid excessive buying. Many customers often have questions about how to keep soap bars dry and intact after several uses. By using a few extra bathroom accessories and paying attention to how you care for your bars, you can master soap bar longevity!


Soap bars need to dry out properly after each use to prevent sogginess. Leaving a bar on a completely flat soap dish doesn’t allow water to drain from the soap bar. However, our soap dishes are designed with ridges and slats. This design properly drains the bar instead of turning a soap bar into a soggy mess. 

wooden soap dish

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Our soap bars are large and can last months. Sometimes larger soap bars have a harder time drying out and retaining their form. To prevent this, cut up the soap bar into smaller pieces and place these pieces around the house! One chunk can be used in the shower while the other pieces can replace plastic hand soap bottles next to the sink! 


Bars of soap lather without much effort. When using a shampoo or conditioner bar, do not apply too much pressure to the bar when washing hair. Our soap and hair care bars are very effective yet can become more delicate when wet. To preserve the shape and texture of the bars, carefully run the hair care bars down your hair. 

shampoo bars lather


A natural loofah or sponge can help create the most lather out of a soap bar! This means that a smaller amount of soap can create more lather than if you were to use just your hands. 

A sisal soap saver bag can also be used to create a nice lather from soap bars. Plus, you can add the smaller leftover pieces from other soap bars into the bag instead of throwing them away.

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Using soap bars instead of products packaged in plastic bottles is an easy and effective way to cut down on plastic waste. With proper care, your soap bars will last you months and you’ll be glad you made the switch!

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