How To Take Part In Plastic Free July!

June 30, 2021 3 min read

How To Take Part In Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July is a month-long effort to encourage everyone to cut down on plastic usage. In 2020, 326 million participants found ways to reduce their plastic use and more than half chose to stick to these changes in the following months. The challenge is to consciously avoid single-use plastics. Start by finding plastic-free alternatives for an everyday item, a category of items, or an entire area. 

After a month of implementing these changes, we hope that you’ll feel inspired to find even more ways to cut down on plastic! Need some guidance on where to start? Read on for some suggestions on plastic-free alternatives!


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There are several issues with plastic. Plastic production involves several contributors to fossil fuels including oil and gas. While we are always told to recycle plastic, only 2% of plastics are recycled into products with the same function. Otherwise, most plastic winds up in the landfill or in our own environment. 

Plastics can break down into smaller pieces called microplastics, entering the habitats of sea life and even the bodies of humans who eat aquatic animals. Have we convinced you to stop using plastic yet?


If you’re not sure how to participate in this challenge, visit to learn about the Plastic Free Foundation and how Earthlings across the globe have reduced plastic in their communities, workplaces, and at home!

Think about the products you use daily and the amount of plastic in each product. Start by replacing typical plastic household products like sponges, plastic cling wrap, and plastic dish scrubbers for natural loofahs, reusable silicone food covers, and bamboo dish brushes

natural loofah

If you’re looking to make a difference in your community, reach out to local vendors and ask about their plastic usage or any initiatives they’re taking to reduce plastic. Influencing a neighborhood coffee shop to offer paper straws or helping a local grocery store adapt to compostable produce bags can make a large impact!


Our Earthling-friendly bundles make it even easier to go plastic-free this month and the months to follow. All of our products and packaging are entirely free of plastic, something that will always be very important to our brand. Our bundles highlight some of our best-selling products and can save you up to 20%.

For the person who wants to try both zero waste kitchen and bathroom products, we recommend the Simple Swaps Bundle. The bundle includes a soap bar of your choice, a bamboo toothbrush, reusable bamboo utensils, cotton mesh produce bags, a bamboo comb, and peppermint lip balm. This is a great introduction to a plastic waste lifestyle. 

simple swaps bundle

The Earthling Co. also sells specific bundles for a low-waste shower routine. The Body Care Bundle includes our favorite bathroom products and soap bars so you can create the perfect plastic-free bathroom. 

Check out our site and explore all of our low-waste products to see how you can make earth-friendly changes in your own life! Reading product reviews can also be helpful to learn how real customers have used our products to eliminate plastic. Take the Plastic Free July Challenge with friends and family to keep each other accountable and share the plastic-free love! We can’t wait to see the changes you make!

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